Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"If You Love Me, You'll Help Me Pass This Bill"

"If you love me, you've got to help me pass this bill." That off-the- teleprompter remark was said by President Obama as he spoke in North Carolina about the jobs bill in a re-election campaign style event. Sadly, I am not joking.

I'm beginning to long for the days of Bill Clinton, if we are to be under the rule of a Democratic president. I thought he was self-obsessed. Now he's looking like a fairly humble man.

It is hard to imagine another president who would equate himself into absolutely every thought and action. The numbers are bad for President Obama and he is desperate for some love. From watching the video, it would appear the silly lemmings in the audience may have filled the vacuum for him today.

See, it's tough to be Barack Obama. The man who was not vetted properly by the press, the man with no executive experience either in politics or in business, the man who had no legislative success of his own, the man who voted "present" well over 100 times in the Illinois state legislature, is now finding himself in mightly lonely territory. A majority of Americans have no faith in the jobs bill President Obama recently presented to a joint session of Congress - another grand exercise of ego. So, he doesn't even have the bounce in the polls in his favor that presidents often get after a major speech.

That is the real problem. Barack Obama is accustomed to delivering speeches but not real policy. Americans are catching on.

The thin-skinned Barack Obama is incapable of following his own pleas. He beseeches politicians to perform in a bi-partisan manner, yet he is incapable of such behavior. He is incapable of delivering a speech or just some remarks without taking a shot at the opposition.

Barack Obama fancies himself a cerebral man. He employs Chicago style politics as his way of governing. If he were unable to use straw man arguments in speeches, he'd be mute. He is nothing without class warfare.

The days of chanting hope and change are long gone. The phony narrative about Barack Obama has faded into thin air. The ego is all that remains.

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