Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ted Cruz Speaks to United Republicans of Harris County

It is important for a political candidate to have an actual record of walking the walk as he/she talks the talk. A proven record speaks louder than promises and proclamations of agreement with party principles. How many times have you listened to a politician say one thing only to act differently once he/she is in Congress?

Aren't we just plain tired of that?

Most candidates running for political office have an "issues" page on the campaign website. This is the place where a candidate repeats the same talking point assurances as all candidates do during speeches - for Republican candidates, it is an affirmation that they have a commitment to the Second Amendment, states rights, etc. The problem is, once this candidate gets to Washington, D.C. suddenly the strong backbone that was on the campaign trail transforms into that of a jellyfish in Congress.

You can go to and find a different kind of website. Instead of an "issues" page, there is a "proven record" page. This is where Ted Cruz, running for U.S.Senate, actually points to proof of his political philosophy convictions. Fight for U.S. sovereignty? There's a link for that. Fighting voter fraud? There's a link for that, too. The page lists 15 different issues and the links take the reader to the document proving Cruz's record of working on that issue.

Ted Cruz is a happy warrior. He is calling for Republican voters to elect candidates who will be best prepared to stand up and lead the fight against the Obama agenda. He told a group of Republicans Tuesday evening that the next senator from Texas must be a fighter, a strong conservative. He said all too often the Republican response to the liberal agenda in Washington is "ready, aim, surrender". He said while that may be fine in some instances, "It's not fine right now."

While speaking of the audacity exhibited from President Obama as he blamed the Tea Party for the nation's near economic default, he said that was "like Charlie Sheen blaming his problems on the Betty Ford Clinic."

Of the recent jobs speech delivered by President Obama, Cruz said it was like Ground Hog Day. He explained his 12 step initiative for economic recovery. A video on this is taken from his website below:

A happy warrior with a proven record as a conservative fighting the good fight.

Sound good?

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