Saturday, February 11, 2012

CPAC Straw Poll Results Are In

Anyone else see the hypocrisy of ACU Chairman Al Cardenas introducing Tony Fabrizio, of Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates with glowing words of thanks for being CPAC's guy to conduct the straw polls for over 20 years, for free, to boot?

Fabrizio is the adviser brought on with the Perry campaign as Governor Perry began a sincere nationwide run for President. He is also largely credited for torpedoing the campaign behind the scenes by giving quotes promoting friction between the Texas headquarters and the national campaign people. He's also openly gay in a quiet kind of way. It all came out, if you will, after an ad run by the Perry campaign meant to criticize President Obama for ending Don't Ask, Don't Tell actually came off sounding discriminatory to gays in the military. Fabrizio was said to have opposed the ad and took some heat from the folks at GOProud. The inside baseball scoop was that the ardent Perry supporters claimed GOProud outed Fabrizio yet most DC insiders said it was no secret.

Anyhoo, with the denial of GOProud as a sponsor to CPAC 2012, it was a bit much to listen to ACU's President sing the praises of Frabrizio and his working for CPAC's straw poll for 20 some odd years for free.

I guess it's ok to use a gay guy for free as long as he's not prominently out of the closet, right, CPAC?

Mitt Romney won the straw poll with 38% of the vote. Rick Santorum came in second with 31%, Newt Gingrich 15%, and Ron Paul 12%. Interesting, right? CPAC likes to brag that it began several decades ago as an alternative conservative to the Republican party. They relish dividing Republicans and acting as the final word on who and what is conservative in politics.

Election cycle 2012 is strange, indeed.

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