Friday, February 17, 2012

HCRP Chairman Woodfill Responds to RPT Conclusion on Loss of Districts

And, the Friday afternoon update on the Texas redistricting drama has been received. Harris County Republican Party chairman Jared Woodfill wants his mailing list receipients to know that he is not ok with a deal that would cause the loss of one Republican held district in Harris County, contrary to what was in the last updated email from the Republican Party of Texas.

Here we go:

Harris County Republicans STILL Set To Lose 2 State House Seats
Countless Harris County Republicans have been sending a clear message, "Don't compromise with the Democrats and give away our Republican State House seats." The RPT recently sent out the following quote (contained within their release):
"...Chairman Munisteri informed the Attorney General's legal team that if HD 144 numbers could not be improved, that at the very least it was both the Harris County GOP's and RPT's preference that their team fight to maintain the numbers that they proposed. Many other Harris County Republicans have expressed the same opinion, including Party Chairman Jared Woodfill,"
This is not my opinion. In fact, I have never, nor will I EVER, agree to any plan which costs Harris County Republican State House seats. Fortunately, along with many of you, other Harris County Republican leaders are joining this chorus.
"As a long-time State Representative from District 144 (one of the State Rep districts which will be lost under the compromised plan), I'm dismayed that we are giving in to the Democrats. We have fought too hard, and for too long in this County to now submit to pressure from the left. Republicans in house district 144, as well as all of Harris County, deserve better."
Robert Talton, HCRP Redistricting Chairman, HCRP Legal Counsel and former State Rep., HD 144
No amount of legal double speak or political rhetoric will change this fact: The compromised plan will cost Harris County two Republican State House seats and this is UNACCEPTABLE.
I am also sensitive to the fact that similar struggles are going on around the state.
I look forward to continue working with Attorney General Abbott and Chairman Munisteri (as I have for many years), to defeat the Democrats in November, but please remember, victory will only come if the lines are properly drawn in the first place.
I implore Attorney General Abbott and Chairman Munisteri to NOT compromise on any map that costs Harris County Republicans seats. Please e-mail them at (, and respectfully request that they oppose any map which will cost Republicans seats in Harris County.
Fighting the Democrats is enough of a clarion battle. Do we, as Republicans have to publicly fight each other?

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