Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Felicia Harris for Congress - District 14

Texas Rep Ron Paul is not running for re-election. His District 14 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives is now being pursued by 14 candidates seeking to replace him. Only one is a Democrat - former Congressman Nick Lampson.

I have a suggestion: How about considering Felicia Harris for the seat? She is a current Pearland City Council member and an attorney. My friend David Jennings wrote about her not too long ago.

I get a lot of emails from candidates and the Republican party on all levels because not only am I an active participant in politics, I'm a now former Republican womens club (PAC) president. Republican women are the workers in the party and we are an independent thinking diverse group. One fact we all pull together on is the need for more conservative women in Congress.

So, today when I received an email from Felicia Harris' campaign, I took a closer look at her website. I like what I read there.

This is not my congressional district. I do not live in Pearland, I live in Houston. I do, however, encourage those in the district to consider supporting Felicia Harris for Congress. She has some savvy looking video on the website, and that is a good sign. This one is timely as a recent network poll declared Chicago as America's most corrupt city.

As Ms. Harris says in the video - "The Chicago way is the wrong way for Texas."

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