Sunday, February 05, 2012

Nevada Caucus Brings Out Angry Newt

Newt Gingrich is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore. That is the takeaway from his bizarre press conference after the results of the Nevada caucuses were announced Saturday night. He had now made it perfectly clear - if he can't be the nominee fair and square, then he's going to blow up the process.  He was whiny and petulant. He called Mitt Romney dishonest, the Soros approved candidate, the Massachusetts moderate, and on and on. He said that since he ran a positive campaign in Iowa and still lost to Romney by 20 points, then he can no longer do that.

Newt Gingrich vows to take his personal vendetta against Mitt Romney all the way to Tampa - the location of the GOP national convention. The choice of press conference over speech was odd and his behavior was worse.

By comparison, Mitt Romney didn't even call any of his opponents by name. He made one reference to "the others in the race" but that was all. He chose to go after President Obama in his remarks. His speech was a bit dull and no real memorable lines but he accomplished his task - that of a gracious winner.

Rick Santorum - number four out of four - went after Romney and Gingrich, as he is prone to do. He thinks he will win the nomination in the end, just as soon as everyone realizes he is the only one who can beat Obama in November. Santorum, in all seriousness, does have a shot at winning Minnesota and may do a bit of a break out then. He may be able to more firmly establish himself as the anti-Mitt candidate by taking support from Newt.

Ron Paul criticized everyone and spoke about the Fed and monetary policy, war, and all the usual stuff. Congratulations to him and his wife, Carol, on 55 years of marriage.


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