Saturday, February 25, 2012

There Is No Energy Policy, Only An Ideological Agenda

In his weekly address, President Obama proclaimed to support an "all of the above" approach to energy independence. However, his actions have proven to show an agenda of anything but an all of the above approach. Unless, maybe, all of the above completely shuts out oil and gas drilling.

Team Obama has received the talking point to promote on his energy policy - that oil and gas production is up the levels highest in the last eight years. This is bunk, to put it politely. On private lands, production is up. That part is true. But, on government controlled lands and the Gulf of Mexico, productions levels are down as much as 30%. Not only has President Obama closed off more and more land and water to land and offshore drilling, he continues to allow the slow walking of permits to continue to drill. And, he completely shut down lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico along the way.

Back in 2008, Barack Obama campaigned on having the answers to energy independence. As often happens with those completely unprepared, he was making promises that were unrealistic and impossible to attain. His believers lapped it all up. Now we are all paying the price as his promises prove to be nothing but cynical bluster.

You can read the Obama 2008 energy plan HERE

What we got, in truth, is a president unwilling and unable to leave his ideology out of his decision making process. He is determined to destroy the oil and gas drilling industry and instead invest in his green energy dreams. Green energy is worthy of investment but so is traditional energy. The president is determined to pick winners and losers in all business fields and energy is not left out of the mix.

In this week's GOP weekly response, the energy issue is addressed. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison gives the GOP Weekly Address:

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