Monday, February 13, 2012

An Update to the Dualing GOP Emails on TX Re-Districting

And, today brings a new email from Harris County Republican Party chairman Woodfill concerning his plea for Republicans to call or email Attorney General Abbott and Republican Party of Texas chairman Munisteri. He says he wants a truce in the war on words and ends with a renewed plea for Republicans to contact the before mentioned gentlemen.

Here it is:

Harris County Republicans Set To Lose
State House Seats Under Current Map

We have to live with these lines for the next ten years,
so we must get them right now

On Saturday, I sent out an urgent e-mail praising Attorney General, Greg Abbott, and RPT Chairman, Steve Munisteri, for their efforts and asked you to send them an e-mail about the proposed redistricting maps, and their negative impact on Harris County Republicans. Since my correspondence, there has been much false information distributed, so please allow me to respectfully present the facts:

1) The Texas Legislature's original maps had the Democrats losing 1 State House seat. Given the number of Republican votes which come from Harris County, this was a modest victory, but acceptable.

2) After the Democrats sued, a three judge panel in San Antonio submitted a map representing a net 2 seat loss for Harris County Republicans in the State House.

3) The United States Supreme Court reversed the three Judge panel and instructed them to go back and adhere much more closely to the original maps submitted by the Legislature.

4) On Monday, Feb 6th, Attorney General Abbot produced a map which some of the Democrat plaintiffs agreed to wherein Harris County remains at a net minus 2 seats, and more losses likely through the decade. The RPT sent out a release announcing that, Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri issued the following statement, relative to these developments. "I believe these lines are a substantial improvement overall when compared to the maps initially released by the San Antonio three-judge panel overseeing redistricting. These proposed maps do have some substantial differences from the originally drawn legislative maps." Chairman Munisteri went on to say, "I am hopeful that the San Antonio three-judge panel will rule in a timely fashion on these new proposed maps, so that our candidates can have certainty and so that we can move forward with a unified primary." It appears that Chairman Munisteri joins Attorney General Abbott in supporting the proposed maps. Like Chairman Munisteri, I also want a quick resolution, but not at the expense of a PROPER resolution, and any resolution must contain fair lines for Harris County Republicans.

5) On Feb 9th, the RPT sent out a release regarding a Feb 14th hearing in San Antonio. It states, "This hearing will be critically important in determining the future of the unified April Primary and RPT will be strongly represented at the hearing by Chairman Steve Munisteri and our legal team."

Given the fact that a) Attorney General Abbott and Chairman Munisteri appear to support the compromised lines; which costs Harris County at least 2 Republican seats, and b) the RPT says, "...RPT will be strongly represented at the hearing by Chairman Steve Munisteri and our legal team." I thought it wise to send a respectful e-mail requesting Republicans contact these two leaders; asking them to not allow Harris County Republicans to lose any State House seats.

Unfortunately, my reasonable request has been met with finger pointing, reassigning blame and simply passing the buck.

Well, let the war of words end here. I again applaud Attorney General Abbott and Chairman Munisteri for their tireless efforts on behalf of our Party. At the same time, they both agreed that the compromised maps are acceptable. As the Harris County Republican Party Chairman, Republican House seat losses in this County are not acceptable to me.

My position remains: any map which costs Harris County Republicans at least 2 seats is unacceptable. Let's continue to fight and let the San Antonio three judge panel do what they will. If they refuse to accept the Supreme Court mandate, then we will appeal again. However, if we accept a compromised deal with the wild-eyed left, then we lose our right to appeal. Remember, we will have to live with these lines for the next ten years so we must get them right now. Then we can be about the business of defeating the Democrats in November.

Please e-mail Attorney General Abbott at ( and Chairman Munisteri at ( and tell them to fight against any map which will cost Harris County Republican seats. As a long-time County Chairman, I have, on countless occasions, solicited opinions from Harris County Republicans. As a result, I have welcomed thousands of phone calls and e-mails. As state-wide leaders, I am sure they feel the same way about hearing from their constituents.

Thanks for your service to the HCRP.

Let me make this point perfectly clear: this political blogger is a past president of a federated Republican womens club (PAC) here in Houston and I am an activist. I have some skin in this game, especially as my own state district is up in the air as I type this. This is nothing personal against any chairman. This is pointing out the utter confusion by all parties presenting information to local voters. If those of us actively tracking political information are confused, how in the world does a casual political observer stay informed?

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