Sunday, February 19, 2012

True the Vote Needs Your Help in Wisconsin Governor Walker's Recall

My fellow Republicans, do you have 100 minutes to spare this weekend?  That is all the time commitment that it would take to help Wisconsin's Governor Walker survive the recall brought about by bitter liberals in his state. This massive recall drive also includes Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

I have enjoyed the pleasure of hearing both of these people deliver speeches in person in the last few months. I heard Lt. Governor Kleefisch speak during the GOPink event in November 2011 in Washington, D.C. I heard Governor Walker speak during an event in Austin in January 2012 hosted by Texas Public Policy Foundation. Both are inspiring public servants and deserve to continue on with their successful leadership of the state of Wisconsin.

I received notice from the True the Vote movement via email that provides an easy and positive way to support the Republicans in Wisconsin under attack by unions and Democrats more interested in keeping the cash register open for their own benefit than the fiscal health of Wisconsin for all its residents.

There is a quickly approaching deadline for the signatures on the recall petitions to be verified as legitimate voters' signatures. You can help from the comfort of your own home. A list will be provided for you to verify and the process will be explained in a simple way.

Here is the appeal from True the Vote:

In an effort to oust Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (along with the Lieutenant Governor and 4 Senators) the union backed group United Wisconsin led a massive drive to fill petition pages by any means necessary, flooding Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board with more signatures than anyone ever expected. When the GAB stated they couldn't process such an influx and planned only to do visual spot checks, True the Vote decided to take action. True the Vote, together with Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty and We the People of the Republic, launched an effort to engage citizens in an independent, comprehensive audit of recall petition signatures. Why? Because if government can't or won't stand up to such Cloward and Piven-esque strategies, then citizens must.
Fellow Patriots, It’s Go Time!
We need your help! All we ask for is 100 minutes. In 100 minutes you can enter data for approximately 100 petition signatures. Nearly 13,000 volunteers from 49 states have signed up to participate in this recall effort - if we all work together this weekend, we can get the job done. This is the real deal - citizens are taking control - let's stand together!
We Can See the Finish Line

Ours is the only effort with manpower and technology to crowd-source the 152,000+ documents that were meant to drown the GAB and we are 75% of the way done. But WE NEED MORE HELP to get all the signatures entered and THE CLOCK IS TICKING! All challenges in the Walker recall are due on February 27th. We want to post our findings online by February 25th. This timetable requires all signatures to be entered by February 23rd at the latest. Citizens have already found tens of thousands of ineligible names. Here's an example - Donald Duck signed the petition - and his address is a Starbucks. Signup to help identify this kind of fraud!

If we don't complete this audit, United Wisconsin wins by default and the clenched fist tactic of recall petition overwhelm will rage across our nation. Wisconsin is just the beginning. 
Sign up right here right now
Soon after you signup you'll receive an email with your password and instructions - then you'll be ready to go! This audit effort is not about politics - it is about principle. Either we the people are strong enough to stand against union strong-arm tactics or we're not. Government has already given up. The citizens of this country must hold the line. Invest 100 minutes this weekend, help the citizens of Wisconsin finish strong, and take a stand for election integrity!

The process of voting must be preserved with integrity. Can you help?

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