Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day 2006


Today is the day to take responsibility as an American citizen and vote.

The weather may not be pleasant.

The choices may not be the ones you want.


Today you awoke a free American citizen.

The economy is humming right along.

Unemployment is at an all time low.

The stock market is at a high mark.

Our streets are not riddled with bombs.

Our children have a bright future.

We have plenty to eat.

Minorities are at record home ownership levels.

Small businesses are succeeding.

Thank a soldier.

Go vote.


Beverly said...

Well said, Karen. I'm on my way now.

aka_Meritt said...

... and George Bush called me this week to remind me too. :)

srp said...

Bill Clinton called here.... but my brother hung up on him...;)

We didn't make it to the 6AM "Hear yea, hear yea the polls are now open" that is tradition in Virginia, but four of us will be on our way soon.

Jennifer said...

Amen, sister friend.