Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Snatching Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat

So, here we are today. We will know many election returns by this time next week. Some races will be contested, as the plans to do so regardless of the outcome have been fleshed out and legions of lawyers have been dispensed around the country, and we won't know for a bit longer. Lots of nervous, future victims out there this time around.

"It is sad that we can't have civil discourse in the midst of historic times." So said President Bush the day before Senator Kerry slammed the military once again. Kerry's appearances with candidates in Iowa and Minnesota were promptly cancelled once the remarks hit the airwaves. Then, seeing how the American people were proving once again that they are not as gullible as Kerry thinks they are, the entire calendar of Kerry appearances were scrapped. Further proving it is all about him, Kerry claims he doesn't want to take the focus off the issues in the campaign. He is the gift that keeps on giving.

A recent study group has now released findings about press coverage of the two political parties in this country. The findings are not a surprise to many: 77% favorable to Dems, 12% favorable to Republicans. That's the fair and balanced coverage we expect from the dinosaur media.

The press is so invested in a Democratic win and changing majority in the House, most were even unwilling to give an honest headline to the Kerry kerfuffle. It's all about "Bush criticized Kerry", not Kerry slams the troops, again. The press forgets, however, that many serving in the military are Democrats and they and their families support the mission and the President as Commander in Chief. Oops.

Kerry has a bad habit of accusing our troops of murder, tortue, rape, and now being uneducated boobs with no other options for the future. Last week he said the Generals on the ground in Baghdad have failed "miserably" in their work. That must be a comfort to the troops and their families praying for them back home. Last November he claimed the troops were busting into homes in Iraq, "in the dark of night" and terrorizing women and children. Comforting and supportive talk, that. And the whole history started during his proud participation in the Winter Soldier hearings before Congress during Vietnam days. You know, when he accused our soldiers of acting in the model of Genghis Khan as they were beheading, raping, murdering, etc. the people of Vietnam.

Kerry loses credibility in saying it was all a botched joke. If it were not for his past history, maybe he'd get the benefit of the doubt. To say it was a joke about how stupid he thinks President Bush is doesn't fly. If he was saying President Bush and his people didn't do their homework and learn lessons of history so we are "stuck in Iraq", then what's his excuse for voting for the war? And the excuse of all those beating their chests in disgust now?

"Those in the military are plenty smart and plenty brave. Senator Kerry owes them an apology."- President George W. Bush. Our military is all voluntary. The troops are motivated in the mission. Sure, some enlist to further their station in life. Those signing up after 9/11 fully are aware of the state of the world. Yes, Kerry is a vet of Vietnam. So is my husband. They could not look at the world any more differently. Kerry has not known anything but a life of priviledge. He looked as his 4 months in the service as a career move for a future in politics. That's his right. But, on the flip side, he has no claim to being a victim when he is called on this fact.

The swells in academia and the cocktail party crowd on both coasts look at those in the military protecting their pampered butts as being of a lesser class than them. Those poor schmoes in the service. Kerry couldn't understand the rise of the Swift Boat Veterans because he sees himself as a hero. The fact is that the true heroes never boast on themselves. Think of the heroes of WWII. Like my deceased father in law. Or of my deceased father, a vet of the Korean war. They never talked about their service unless directly questioned about something in specfic. Kerry opened himself up with the whole "reporting for duty" stunt during the 2004 campaign.

The 2004 campaign is over. Kerry lost by millions of votes. More than three million votes, in a big turnout of voters on both sides. George Bush is not running in 2006.

We are a nation at war. I will say that every day if I have to, to make a point. All of the press and the Democrats screaming how terrible the war is going, how we are losing, it is sedition. How dare they, with American men and women in harm's way. We are Americans. We have to pull together and get this thing done.

War is horrid. Times are tough. Put on your big girl panties and do what needs to be done. Pull together, even with those you politically oppose, and do it for those serving so that you can voice your opinions in a free society.

Senator Kerry, resign. Now. Get off the stage. You have no clue. If you think it is appropriate to make every appearance a bash on the President and how you think he is so stupid, when he had a higher GPA than you in the same institution of higher learning, by the way, you have no clue.



Anonymous said...

I think the republicans are clutching at straws, there is real anger about the direction of the USA at many levels, not only the war, but also inequality.

Soldiers are mostly from poor families, especially in the USA. Why is that? Why aren't rich kids going off to war? What kind of democracy allows this to happen?

The fact that the poor are usually not very educated (some are stupid some are normal but none have made the most of their talents by working low paid jobs) reflects the fact that most higher education in the US is very expensive and private. Poor people are mostly excluded from it. The big change now is that unlike the past if you don't have a college degree you are unlikely to get a good job, and blue collar jobs are going to China Mexico and India, making the rich people that own the companies exporting those jobs richer (shareholders are included in this).

Increasingly middle income americans are affected too, mostly through their children. Sometimes as there are no good jobs to go to to live like a human being, people are forced to go to the army as it offers training and the only viable career...
Some become criminals... some become cleaners etc..

Whereas C students like Bush succeed based on their parents money not their own efforts, so this is hardly meritocracy. I wouldn't call Bush a smart man. I think he has outsourced the thinking to other unelected people which is a problem in a democracy.

As we live in a world were the rich can avoid the army, saying that poor people are the ones fighting the war is not a lie... Just think about it...

Both Bush and Cheney avoided going to Vietnam by Bush getting his rich family to intervene for him to guard the fearsome invaders in Texas (i.e. nobody), always at the ready from the bar, armed with several bottles of alcohol. Whereas Cheney used his university study as a reason not to go to Vietnam.

If they had fought in a war i would have much more time in listening to Bush or Cheney talk about the necessity of war, the reality is neither has experienced it... and they talk far too much about it.

srp said...

Macko usko needs to brush up on some facts. Just reported, not ten minutes ago, on a news report.... true statistics. For every TWO soldiers from lower income family there were THREE soldiers from high income families. Since 9/11 this has even become more evident.....So your premise is completely false.

Also there are more high school graduates in the armed forces than there are in the general public... I assume you are a member of the general public by your comment.

Karen.... I think you should either become a speech writer for conservative candidates or perhaps run for office yourself.

I looked up mr. macko usko.. He is in Slovakia......... his uninformed comment can rightfully be excused. I fully expect remarks like this from our "friends" in Europe. I say "friends" very tongue-in-cheek... with friends like Europe, who needs enemies?

Anonymous said...

"most higher education if the US is very expensive and private" !!

Poor uninformed macko. What tripe. I feel sorry for him. Almost. Obviously he has lots of empty time on his hands and has not made good use of his own education.

The resources available, grants, not necessarily loans, available to lower income students is almost endless. My "sad" "pathetic" southern hillbilly town, since it historically sends fewer students to college than the nation's average, has programs JUST FOR ITS GRADUATES, full boats if necessary, provided by the greedy selfish capitalists in the area.

Well, Karen, banned in China and making them squirm in Slovakia. You're gonna need another tee shirt.

aka_Meritt said...

Wow - you had a lot to say! LOL.

Beverly said...

If I lived in Texas, I'd vote for you, Karen.