Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

As promised, finally, the temperature has been dropping all day. Some light rain with it so it is a damp cold. Tonight I'll have to turn on the heater. It'll be in the 30's. Crazy stuff.

May I just comment on the cost of a nice suit, shirt, silk tie, belt, and lace up dress shoes for a 17 year old young man? Holy cow. I hope he enjoys the Winter Dance, that's all I can say. Plus the tickets and wrist corsage for his date. And dinner before the dance at a nice Italian restaurant. You'd think it was prom.

I used the heater in my new car today for the first time. Works great. Did I mention I have a new vehicle? For the first time in over 20 years I have a new, used car. Yeah, that's right. It is a 2006 so with the 2007 models out now, my car becomes used. It had 96 miles on it at delivery. But most importantly, it has the new car smell. What a luxury for this girl. When I married the husband, we became perennial used car buyers. We have had some great ones, at great deals. My first real adult working experience was at a automobile dealership so I am well aware of the instant depreciation of autos once they leave the dealership's lot.

This car is a Chevy Impala with the bigger engine in it. Maroon with biege cloth seats. I christened the cd player yesterday with my Il Divo Christmas album. I love my Il Divo boys. They're so pretty and have glorious voices.

The car I drove the longest period of time was a Mercedes 300D. It was a great car. Lasted forever. I've had good luck with Mazda's, too. I have had two different models of them. Both of those I bought new as a single woman. I worked for the dealership.

Anyway, I guess the old adage of everything comes in three's is true in Hollywood, huh. First Mel Gibson, then Michael Richards and now Danny DeVito having a meltdown. DeVito was on the View yesterday and according to the clips I saw, was drunk and obnoxious. He fell into the standard cheap laughs with the Bush is stupid crowd. Too bad. I liked him. No more. He was on Fox and Friends earlier and I saw him on that before starting the day and he appeared sober and was fine. Of course I wasn't terribly alert myself at that hour. Doesn't say much for his comedic skills when he does the same pap that Letterman and Jon Stewart do. Not to mention it is just not true. Bush isn't a great speaker but his intelligence is greater than his critics. I guess they still prefer a haughty French looking Boston accent to a Texas twang. It's one of the last accepted prejudices, isn't it, that a slower accent means you lack intelligence.

Bless his heart.


aka_Meritt said...

I know! Isn't it awful how a simple dance (Winter Dance, Homecoming, Spring dance) has turned into another PROM? OMG.

Anonymous said...

Memories of two prom nights and two winter formals still haunt my pocketbook and by comparison we got by cheaply.

There was an article in the local paper a couple months ago about a sweet 16 party thrown by a teen's mom in which the birthday girl was carried in on a litter by 6 brawny boys, had a supposedly famous DJ there in person and was presented with a new BMW. Sheesh, some people, some people's kids and the news media.

Today's paper had some incredible photos from Houston of people in the wind! Hope you are grounded.

Anonymous said...

That should read - by comparison with some of J's schoolmates - we got by cheaply. I am tossing the many college ring/diploma fancy framing ads she receives immediately.

An irony and I'm sure an unintended coincidence was that the same day we received her college tuition/dorm/fees bill the college sent me a solicitation for Alumni Giving. Ha!

srp said...

We lucked out on the formal wear thing. For her birthday we went to Birmingham Galleria Mall and Dillards was having one of their MEGA sales. Apparently, in Alabama, prom is in the beginning of April. All the dresses were 75 - 80% off. We made like bandits.... she found four formal dresses and we got them for around $100 .... TOTAL!! I love Dillards in April and September.

I didn't see the View as I think it has withered. They made a big mistake with Rosie O'Donnell on there. She is the most obnoxious person I've ever seen; obnoxious, loud, uncouth, disrespectful, hateful, and every other nasty adjective I can think of. I wouldn't waste my viewing time on her. Whoever thought she would make a good mother and let her adopt must also be insane, or star struck. Those kids don't stand a chance.

Beverly said...

I saw DeVito on Fox as well, and he seemed o.k. to me, and then I saw the news of The View (which I have never watched.) He didn't seem like the same person. Too bad.

Congratulations on the new car. I got a new car in 2005. I had driven a Toyota Avalon for 9 years...wonderful car, but I wanted something newer, and since I have problems with my eyes, I knew that I should get one now, while I can still see well enough to drive. So I took the plunge. Yes, the new car smell is wonderful.

They're wonderful until someone puts a ding in it...then it feels just a bit damaged. Enjoy. you deserve it.

colleenR said...

Nobody minded Clinton's twang. Many questioned his intergrity but I don't think anyone thought he was stupid.