Friday, November 24, 2006


Sipping my Boca Java and enjoying some quiet time. I am feeling relief that yesterday I didn't do the whole bird but just the parts we wanted. No fridge full of leftovers to worry about. Son enjoyed the turkey legs, one leftover, and the fresh turkey breast was really good. Enough leftover from that for some really good sandwiches.

Last night I was channel surfing and caught an interview on C-SPAN dating back to 1994. It was with Barbara Bush and the interviewer was Carl S. Anthony, an author of books on first ladies. Barbara Bush, such a class act. The interviewer asked a few questions with a certain tone in his voice but he was no match for her. She handled the predominantly liberal audience just fine.

Mrs. Bush reminded me of a few facts I had forgotten. She was the first first lady to hire a minority chief of staff for her office in the east wing of the White House. Anna Perez went on to a career in California. Also, the first Bush administration gave more money to the world population planning movement than previous administrations.

She and Bush 41 made a vow with each other not to criticize the Clintons as they took office. Shows the difference of class and none.

The Clintons are a look into the flip side of a former president. Bill Clinton won't let the spotlight go and is now openly going around the world telling folks how smart he is, when we know our foreign policy mess falls at his feet. I am reading Louis Freeh's book, "My FBI" and it is an eye-opener. The man openly dismissed helping the FBI bring to justice the Khobar Towers terrorists, yet felt free to hit up King Abdullah for million dollar donations for the Clinton Library being built in Little Rock. Freeh had to go to Bush 41 for assistance, behind the scenes.

Remember Hillary Clinton on the floor of the Senate a couple of days after 9/11 holding up the New York newspaper with the headlines "What did he know and When did he know it?" implying President Bush didn't do anything to stop the attack? I will never forget that moment. I thought at the time, what a political whore she is, showing all the world her true, raw ambitions while our nation grieves in shock after the attacks. The Pentagon was still burning yet there she was. And it all traced back to her husband's administration and the beginnings back to the Carter Administration.

After the Barbara Bush interview re-run, C-SPAN showed one with the same author with Hillary from the same week. He was fawning and gushing as you would expect. To listen to her now after 8 years of them in the White House just makes me shake my head. Her payoff after suffering massive humiliation during her White House days was the Senate seat in New York so she could have a coveted political office. Next we will endure her presidential campaign. She is hellbent to be the occupant in the big house again with Bill up to his old tricks. He'll be free for all kinds of hijinks this time around.

And more gift registries and million dollar book deals to make.

Their sense of entitlement is breathtaking.

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srp said...

Since we ate out, we also have no leftovers. This fact makes my mom a bit sad.... she loves leftover turkey. But we had the leftovers from Nyssa's turkey BEFORE Thanksgiving. I gave Max the last of it for a special treat yesterday.

I try not to think about the Clintons. They turn my stomach, but I'm not that surprised that the general populace is blinded.... after all, I do believe he was the first President who felt comfortable with the Hollywood crowd. Just another example of the downward spiral our country is now on.