Sunday, November 19, 2006


Got an e-mail from the husband last night and he should be winging in to town late Tuesday night. Looks like he'll be here for turkey, after all.

Our son has requested a sweet potato pie instead of the traditional pumpkin pie I normally serve. So, that's a change of pace. Neither of my guys are very fond of pumpkin pie, or turkey for that matter. They love all the side stuff, though, like the veggies and dressing. But usually just turkey legs are consumed by them.

My husband told me he had the best squid he's ever had, and this man has had tons of it in his lifetime, and maybe the biggest squid, too. But very tender. He loves the stuff.

The pearl is my birthstone. It symbolizes freedom from disease and grief, according to an article on gems I recently read.

Hubby is still taking his malaria pills and seems to feel ok. No side effects he sometimes feels from them.

Been reading about the problems with Angelina Jolie's bodyguards in India? Seems three of them were arrested and then released on bail after they allegedly roughed up some parents and students at a Bombay school where the U.N. goodwill ambassador is filming a movie. Angry parents said they were threatened when they tried to get into the school to pickup their children.

Not long ago I saw a photo of Brad Pitt working on a roof of a house in India. Seems he gave Habitat for Humanity a whooping 30 minutes, just enought for the feel good photo op. He spent his 30 minutes, according to the newspaper account, in the hot sun wielding a hammer and talking to other volunteers. Wow. What a guy.

At least Jimma and Rosalynn give a full week to Habitat for Humanity. And they're not spring chickens.


srp said...

I am so tired of CNN and other "news" (said tongue in cheek) channels going on and on about the TomKat shindig and Bratjolena as I like to call them. They are too superficial and disgusting to spend one moment thinking about.

Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of the hoto op Sean Penn took in the wake of Katrina. Gimme a break. Please.

First news blaring across my comcast homepage is the "neverending TomKat kiss" Just what I feared, neverending.

Squid I've never eaten. Seeing it at the seafood shop is as close as I've come. I've eaten snails though I wouldn't again and I do love raw oysters. how does he like it cooked? Does he like the black pasta stuff made with the ink? (Isn't that a squid thing?)