Wednesday, November 08, 2006

There's Got To Be A Morning After

I can't believe how foggy the air was this morning. I feel for the folks on the expressways around here in morning rush. My sinuses are giving me a pounding headache even after taking my meds.

So, here we are. The election is finally over and we can relax. I'm happy my state remained in the red column. It's too bad what happened to my party nationwide but I'll admit it was to be expected. I expect the two Senate seats, Montana and Virginia, still in limbo will go to the Dems, too. So, we'll have both houses under Democratic control. We do, however, still have George W. Bush in the White House. This just means not much is going to be accomplished in the next two years and that's not such a bad thing. My strong libertarian streak rejoices.

The good news from all this for me is that my party will now have to do a bit of soul searching and get back to the core principles. When it is the Democrats running on fiscal responsibility and corruption, you know the Republican leadership has lost its way. The president's veto pen will have to be dusted off and put to use. This is a good thing. The far right of my party will be reigned in on the social issues and that is also a good thing. When Republicans get involved in a personal decision on right to die issues, it is time to rethink the issues. When the Republicans got involved in the Schiavo case in Florida, I knew we were going the wrong way. The far right of my party is no better for our causes than the far left is for the Democrats. Both sides look equally off kilter to regular folks out there.

The good news is the president continues to lead the war on terrorism for the next two years. And now the prospects of a Republican president in 2008 are much better. When the partying is over and things settle down to business in D.C., the country will soon realize that Nancy Pelosi is a model of mixed messages. She claims to represent the union worker, yet her mulitmillionaire husband doesn't employ union workers in his hotels or his vineyards in California. She claims she wants civility in D.C. yet just last week in a national tv interview called the president a liar and stupid. Not original and not civil. She is the daughter of a former mayor of Baltimore, grew up in politics, and the only change she brings to Washington is the party affiliation initial after her name. But, boy, her plastic surgeon is good.

I was heartened to see Joe Lieberman's victory speech. I don't agree with him on much at all, but his support on national security is the most important issue of our time and he's a man of courage in his party. The ironic thing is now he is the most powerful Democrat in the Senate and is an Independent on paper. The Dems shunned him and supported Lamont to pacify the far left anti war crowd. Now they'll be required to get Lieberman's support for legislation to be up for votes. Sweet.

I admit to being happy Jack Carter lost his Senate bid in Nevada. He is no better than his failure of a president father, Jimma, and showed his true stripes by asking moms of fallen soldiers in Iraq to stand with him on stage and garner up support for his anti war stance on Iraq. The standard play of Democrats to use victims as vote fodder. What they are slowly learning is that when it comes to the war, Cindy Sheehan is the exception, not the rule. The majority of the moms will not dishonor the memory of their children in brazenly political ways. He was turned down, quite publicly, by the moms he was trying to win over and that is a good thing.

Our foreign policy will not change. The war effort will be modified, as it was being done already. Now, when Don Rumsfeld offers his resignation to President Bush, the president will be able to gracefully accept it and do what needs to be done. He needs a fresh Secretary of Defense with fresh eyes.

The Dems were set to re-elect Mollahan from W. VA and Jefferson from LA, both under corruption investigations so that will be interesting to see play out.

The party of No, if President Bush wants it we don't, the party of obstruction will now have to come up with policy to lead.

They have to be the grown ups now.

The future is looking good.


srp said...

Do you really think so? I saw hope in the fact that most of the democrats elected for representative were very conservative. However most are first timers, how long will it take them to be worn down by standing against the far left of their party? Probably not long... the urge for money and support for re-election starts today with the short two year terms. Do you really think Pelosi will stop her hate spewing? I think not. Do you really think they will do anything about their corrupt party members? I doubt it. Pelosi is now in line to be president should some unforseen thing happen..... I do not doubt that our muslim enemies are already planning to that direction. I really see no hope for the country at this point. I seriously hope my dad will talk today or tomorrow with his money manager and get what he has in the stock market out now... I see it falling sharply very soon.

colleenR said...

I must say that the current adminstration has been so scary to me that it has made moderate Republicans look good to me. I want leaders who the majority of the country can feel comforable with no matter what side they are moving to the center from. I'm glad that Bush now has some checks and balances.

But the Democrats will now be held responsible for the mess the Bush adminstration has made in Iraq.