Monday, November 20, 2006

So, What's It Gonna Be?

Well, as is our life, we are looking at a change in hubby's travel plans. He's been delayed at the job site so it's up in the air, no pun intended, for now. After 24 years with the man, it isn't anything but normal to not assume he'll be here for holidays.

So now there is a study out that says "dry" oil rigs are good artificial reefs. Some of us knew that many years ago. Those of us connected in the evil oil drilling business, anyway. The fishing is excellent off oil rigs, too, by the way.

The Baker/Hamiliton Commission is being bantered about in the media. Seems they will present three scenarios on how to continue on in Iraq. Go big, go long or go home. Send more troops, spend a longer amount of time there, or pack it in.

It's a mess. We aren't winning right now. Until the Iraqi police and military step up in a bolder way and in more numbers to grab hold of their country, we are doomed to continue on in this downward spiral. My friend's husband over there just last week was in Basrah and had a rocket land in their metal building where they sleep. His best pal's head was blown off his body, right next to my friend's husband.

My friend's husband is a vet, but over there as a non-military person. He is with the military. He is as protected as possible and he is totally frustrated with the Iraqi people. He understands being beaten down for 30 plus years and their reluctance to step up with the fear of Saddam or someone like him coming back into power and murdering his citizens again, willy nilly. This is why the sentencing of Saddam was so important to the ordinary Iraqi.

The Iraqis are terrified we will leave too soon and they will be stuck. The Kurds are still smarting about being hung out to dry after the last Gulf war. We have to get this right.

I saw John Kerry on a Sunday morning show. Such a clueless human being, blinded by his own ego and personal ambition. He takes ownership for his mistaken "joke" but still blames the "Republican attack machine" for his problems. And he still thinks he will run again for 2008's president nomination. I don't think even Theresa's money will help him this time.

"If they say leave in six months, we'll leave in six months. If they say six years, it's six years. I'm just an average soldier, and I'll do what they tell me to do. I'm proud to be a part of it, either way it goes, but I'd like to see it through." - Sgt. Jonathan Kirkendall, 23, of Falls City, Nebraska.

Sgt. Kirkendall is awaiting the birth of his first daughter, due this week. He is on his third deployment to Iraq. He celebrated his 21st and 23rd birthdays there.

There is nothing average about him.

Our military. All volunteer. Bless them.


Beverly said...

I must have been watching the same show with John Kerry and all his comments. He's incredible, totally.

God bless that dear soldier and all the others who are over there.

Anonymous said...

That's a sobernig story, about your friend. It seems to me that the American (free) Muslim community could be more helpful.

I saw where its predicted the race for Dem pres candidate will be between Gore, Hillary and Kerry. Can you say, *urp*?

Where will you go out to eat Thanksgiving? Somewhere that offers tradtional TG meals or your favorite restaurant? I'm reminded of how Ralphie's family (in A Christmas Story) had to eat at a Chinese restaurant because the Bumpass's dogs ate their turkey. Chinese was the only place open and they ordered duck,,,,well, you have probably seen that.

SEAWITCH said...

In Mississippi, we've long known the benefits of oil rigs as good fishing areas. The charter boats would always go out to them.

I'll keep your friend's husband in my prayers as well as the others who are in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

I have huge admiration for guys like Sgt Kirkendall. I'm not sure he should really be there but I do admire his attitude - it's the kind of honour that we see so little of nowadays. I hope his baby is gorgeous and he lives to see his grandchildren - with all my heart.

srp said...

Prayers go up for our military every day. How brave they are, how much we owe them.

My mom has heard from her classmate at Asbury College. Apparently there is a movement a foot, a protest of sorts. Many are getting friends and family to send a Christmas Card.... not Xmas or Happy Holiday, but one that says "Happy Christmas or Merry Christmas" to the national headquarters of the ACLU. The point is to bombard them with cards. They have to open them as people do send donations at times. I thought it would be a nice added touch to say..... "We're praying for you." They are so dead set for taking Christ out of everything.

colleenR said...

This is why the first Bush didn't go into Iraq. They knew what could develop would like be worse than Sadddam's rule. The borders of Iraq drawn up by western powers didn't take into account the reality of the longwithstanding wars between neighbors there. Saddam held it together with a violent rule but now all hell has broke loose. It was predictable. And don't forget the US supported Saddam and even helped armed him when he was just as much a brutal dictator as he was when we decided to condemn him.

I hope Kerry doesn't run and we can move on with candidates with less baggage.

That's a tragic gruesome story about your husband's friend. So sorry.

Jennifer said...

Flying home from Boston, a young man with a crew cut and an Army sweatshirt stopped to ask me for a light. We started talking, and it turns out he is a 21 year old, being sent to Irag to serve his third term of duty in February. He's getting married next month. He said he was proud to be serving, but prayed every night for a "responsible solution" that might keep him from harm's way. He doesn't seem to believe that three is his lucky number.

It was a conversation I'll never forget.

I hope your hubby is able to make it home in time for Thanksgiving Day dinner, and in case I don't get another chance, I hope that you and yours have much to be grateful for in the year ahead. Happy Thanksgiving, sweetness.