Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Musings

Just back from taking son to school and fighting traffics snarls and drizzling rain. Back to the routine we were taking a break from last week. Finishing up a cup of Boca Java Boca Villa and getting ready to pick up my new automobile when the dealership opens this morning.

Hubby is back from his travels to Africa. One word of advice - never let a Croatian near your hair with scissors. That's all I'm saying.

Making preparations for the coming Christmas holiday. Have to take son to purchase a new suit for a Winter Dance this weekend. It's semi-formal and the girl who invited him says a nice suit is fine so that's what it'll be. He outgrew his suit from a year and a half ago. I'll order her wrist corsage later today. The girl goes to a Catholic girls school so it's girls inviting boys.

Making reservations for air travel for the mother in law to come here for Christmas. I'm looking at a 4 day visit. Maybe 5, tops. Hopefully husband will be home this year. I'll be making our dinner theatre reservations again for Christmas Eve, as it was a hit last year. My childhood girlfriend and her son will join us again. Her husband, too, if he is visiting from his work in Iraq.

Speaking of Iraq, did you hear Charlie Rangel, (D-NY) channeling John Kerry by saying on Fox's Sunday morning show that if a young man had an option of a "decent" career or on enlisting to serve the country, he'd not pick serving. Yeah, they just keep on proving the Dems are not worthy of the nation's trust when it comes to national defense.

The standard line by the foolish military bashers is that it's only those young people who are poor, rural, and without any other options in life that are in the armed forces. He's a Korean War vet so he feels entitled to spout nonsense and not be held accountable for it. The Hertitage Foundation has published a through paper on who comprises our military today and the answer is disturbing to charlatans like Rangel. The study shows our military is comprised of people who are better educated, from middle to higher income families, and a huge sense of service to country.

Rangel is in line to become the chair of the appropriations committee in the House so I am sure while he is trying to rescind the Bush tax cuts, which have brought about a boom in the economy at all levels, he'll be working on cutting funding to the military, too. He's a disgrace. I hope he continues with his nonsense loud and clear the next two years.


srp said...

I haven't watched the news for several days now. I thought Thanksgiving would be a good time to take a break from news and focus elsewhere.

We had major fog this morning. I wanted to go over by the airport and see if I could get some good shots of the fog on the bay but it was so dense you really couldn't get any definition. It is in the 30's and 40's at night but up to 60 - 70 in the day so a great set up for the ground fog. I heard that there might be snow by the weekend but they seem to have changed their minds.

You can't leave it with.... don't let someone from Croatia near your hair with scissors. ..... why?

Beverly said...

Four day visits do it, don't they. After four days, they begin to stink.

What is showing at the dinner theater?

Jennifer said...

I have taken a thankful break from the daily news myself. Not looking forward to catching up, truth be told.

Dinner theater on Christmas Eve sounds like a FABULOUS new tradition! I'd steal it if we had one around here! And good for you. Five days. Tops.

I love my family, heart and soul.

But, MAN, was it TIME to come "home". ;-)

aka_Meritt said...

.... pictures are needed of what happens when a croatian with scissors comes too near.


Anonymous said...

Yes, lets see the hair.

I heard Chris Wallace go through the statistics from the Heritage Foundation study with Rangel. His reaction when Wallace challenged him with the facts was unbelievable. He just denied the statistical facts out of hand. No reasoned response. No rebutting facts. Just repeat the lie he wants everyone to believe.

But I'm with you, I hope he keeps it up.