Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday's Tidings

I got about 3 hours sleep last night and I am feeling it today. I took a nap this morning to try to feel better, with not much in the way of success. Hubby left about 2:30 to drive over to Louisiana so he can get out into the Gulf. I only had a day and a half to get used to the Croatian haircut. It's not pretty, that's the truth. It is really short, Jarhead style, on the top and the back at the neckline goes too far down. The sides and sideburns aren't right either. It's just not good.

As I frequently mention the coffee waking me up each morning, I often mention Boca Java. I signed on to a plan where they ship an order to me every couple of months and then they ship coffee to the troops overseas earned from my order. Combined with lots of customer orders, it adds up. I got a notice, via e-mail yesterday that my coffee donation from the last order went to 950th Maintenance CO, 352nd CBS APO,AE 09334. Interesting. They ship coffee to the troops every Friday. Coffee is a basic need for me so I think it is a great program and the very least I can do.

Our Westside Wolves came to the end of the road in the District playoffs Saturday at beautiful, huge, Reliant Stadium. The team had a great year. For such a young school they have been quite remarkable. This year, on the All-District Team the Wolves' quarterback was named District MPV and the coach was named Coach of the Year. Maybe they'll win it all next year for son's senior year. He isn't much for sports but would be something to remember.


srp said...

I heard on Fox News that there was a shooting (drive by) at a Houston high school. Just terrible news!

And after pulling my head out of my prolonged pillow over the news channels, I saw that the REGULAR Fox network decided not to air the OJ Simpson debacle. Finally a good decision.

Beverly said...

jThat's a great idea about the coffee. I hadn't heard of that before.

Our high schoo football team has made it fairly far in the playoffs, but I think they're meeting their Waterloo this weekend. It is a fun time for kids.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my fiance is a member of the 950th =) I hope he got some of that coffee =) Thank you for that.