Monday, January 08, 2007

Elvis and The Husband

Happy Birthday to the husband! He shares the day with Elvis, who would be 72 today. The husband is 59, so you know next year is a biggie! I will torment him relentlessly. It is good to be younger.

I see in honor of the husband's birthday, the Congress of the U.S. will not be in session. Oh wait. It's because of the football game. So much for the vow to work 5 days a week, unlike those lazy Republicans.

There will be no session next Monday, either, as it will be MLK Day. When does the official clock begin for the first 100 hours, I wonder. Remember, the claim is misleading - it is 100 legislative hours - so this may take a while.

The Libertarian streak in me rejoices that less work is done.

In the Saturday edition of our Houston Pravda, I read an article of the top tier of cities in the U.S. as far as the Dept of Homeland Security is concerned. There are six cities and Houston is one. Not exactly the good kind of honor. The other cities are New York, L.A., Chicago, and San Francisco. Looks like we'll get a larger share of the federal money. The article points out the fact that our city's radio system for police and firefighters is 16 years old and vulnerable in the event of a terrorist attack. I'll be happy when they get the ship channel more secure and more training for the emergency task force people.

I enjoyed looking at the new-to-me catalog that landed in the mailbox the other day. It's called Baker's Catalogue and I've had fun to do a fantasy wish list in my mind as I do when browsing interesting catalogs.

Tonight's menu for the birthday guy - N.Y. strip steaks, baked potatoes, sauteed fresh mushrooms, green salad and rolls. I'll be stopping at the specialty ice cream shop on the way back from picking up the son and getting an ice cream pie for dessert. It's his favorite special dessert.

His birthday present from me? A Waterman fountain pen. He asked for a "nice" fountain pen. We'll start with this one and see how long he holds on to it. He isn't known for keeping track of pens!


Beverly said...

I so love nice fountain pens. I had a beautiful one (Schaeffer, I think.) I'm sure that's not how you spell that name. At any rate, I dropped it somewhere along the way, didn't find it, and never did replace it.

Happy birthday, hubby!

SEAWITCH said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!!

Good to see that Houston is getting some money from the Feds.

Anonymous said...

Whee, yes, it is good to be so much younger! But really, happy birthday to the husband. Dinner sounds remarkably familiar except for the ice cream pie; we had carrot cake.

Hard to believe Elvis would be that old.

How has the first week at the new job gone?

Karen, our newspaper was making a serious pitch for citizen columnists and I thought of you. I wish you lived here and could teach our local newspaper a little about interesting, researched, factual commentary.

Anonymous said...

Waterman pens are nice. I have to utilize gimmes, because (1) people are always taking them from my desk or (2) I lose them.

Happy birthday, hubby!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to Mr. P., I don't suppose your last name is Penguin but it may be, I'll take the risk. I also hope he didn't have money on Ohio State last night. It was a good justification for those who defend themselves for not watching football.

I long ago grew tired of government employees who praise each other for working so hard and therefore, deserve much. Give me a break.
They are like entertainers who award each other something every month. "Gee, you're so good", "No, you are." seem to eat real meals almost every day. I'm up for adoption, you know.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday The Husband! And if you invite me to dinner tonight, I promise I won't sing any Elvis tunes!

srp said...

I'm late and then Blogger was down and then wouldn't post comments and then gave the same word verification for every comment I did post.

Happy belated birthday to the hubby. Mine is a holiday too... but I am just having an anniversary this year... the 24th anniversary of my 30th birthday.