Monday, January 29, 2007

This and That

I enjoyed some baking therapy yesterday. I baked a chocolate pound cake and made my own ganache to glaze it. With the leftover ganache, I pulled out some thick, rod style pretzels from the pantry and dipped them halfway with the chocolate goodness. The son was loving my idea! Well, I couldn't throw it out, now could I?

The wolf is coming off the Endangered Species list. The wolf is the mascot for my son's high school. They call him Wesley. Wesley the wolf. OK then.

I've decided to support the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl. I have to support Archie's boy Peyton. It's a loyalty thing. Just don't tell my mother in law, ok?

Two sad anniversaries related to the space program and NASA - the 21st anniversary of the Challenger disaster (seems like yesterday) and the 4th anniversary of the Columbia disaster. My son was an eighth grader when Columbia exploded over Texas and his class did a grid search over their school's sports field, searching for any debris.

In Cape Canaveral, NASA honored the three astronauts killed the Apollo 1 command module, on launch pad 34. "Fire in the cockpit" was heard as the three fought to live. The deaths of Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee were remembered as forcing design and safety changes necessary in the space program.

My father went to school with Gus Grissom. Grissom was a couple of years ahead of my father in school, but Grissom's younger brother was in my father's class in Mitchell High School, in Mitchell, Indiana. Mitchell is a small town in southern Indiana. My father had nothing but good words for the Grissoms. Mitchell built a memorial for their native son, the astronaut, the hero. I visited the memorial as a teenager. A presentation for the public, showing slides of photos from his life and a vocal narration are included in the tour.

Very nice.


C.A.Marks said...

One of our many high schools here in town is Grissom High School.

Jennifer said...

The Apollo era was so fascinating. An electric time to be alive, watching the evolution of the space program. Tragedies and all, I can't get enough of NASA and its work. I think I am a frustrated astronaut at heart.

Go, Colts! (Your secret is safe with me.)

AC said...

21 years ago! Sobering.

Karen, I am a fan of your kind of therapy. I would pay money for some of those pretzels.

Peyton! Colts! Yea!

aka_Meritt said...

This has nothing to do with anything, but your prezel paragraph reminded me.

I bought the big pretzel rods at Christmas to dip in white chocolate and decorate, but never got around to it. (I made 27? other recipes though, remember?).

Well Coffeehusband went to get chips or crackers out of the cupboard last week and dropped the bag of pretzel rods on the floor.

Broke every last one of them in pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like I'll be making some pretzel desserts instead. Sigh.

srp said...

It has been 21 years. I was pregnant with Nyssa and the lab threw me a baby shower that day... it was a horrible event made worse by the fact that all cameras were trained on the parents of the teacher lost.

Nyssa will be 21 in three months...oh, dear.