Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Salutations

Weekends, as you know, are generally mostly about family time, cooking and book tv on C-Span. This one is no exception. Started off the morning with my trusty Boca Java, Palm Beach Passion blend, and baked a cranberry quick bread to hold the husband and me over until a later breakfast time.

I tried a frozen hash brown, name brand, with cheese mixed in as a break from our standard grits, but wasn't impressed with them. I'll stick to my own fried potatoes. I bake extra potatoes every time we have them and then use the extras for weekend breakfasts. Baking them first makes them crisp on the outside when you fry them.

Tonight we're having butterflied pork chops, currently marinating in a Greek feta vinaigrette, with sides of orzo salad, and lima beans.

I watched an in depth interview with P.J. O'Rourke on book tv this afternoon. It was wonderful to listen to him for an extended period of time. He always entertains me. The interview reminded me of a couple of his books I need to read. He's the author of twelve so far.

In the morning I will attend the monthly meeting of my Republican women's club. New officers will be installed and I'm still new enough with this bunch that I need to put names to faces and get a feel for the agenda. We're a PAC so I like to keep up with where my dues end up. Our group has the reputation of being a 'liberal' Republican group, according to a local political writer for the newspaper. I think he meant to throw that out as a compliment during his recent talk to us. I usually find it insulting. Kind of like being told we're not the crazy wing of the party. Whatever.

I am just now getting around to breaking open the new calendar I purchased last fall when they all hit the bookstores. I love the look of it, more like a journal than a calendar. My book, I call it. I'm lost without them. I love opening up a fresh, unwritten in one and beginning to chart out the year.

I have a new catalog. One that somehow I have never pulled out of the mailbox before last week, which surprises me. I thought surely I was on every marketing list out there. It is a baker's catalogue and the cover alone makes me smile. I am looking forward to some quiet time this evening with it.

More quirks from me.


Anonymous said...

We were going along just fine until we hit the lima beans. Ditto PJ O'Rourke.

Is that the King Arthur Flour baking catalog? I fall prey to it myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't know, I like lima beans!

Anonymous said...

I came awake in the night thinking, oh no! I meant ditto your ADMIRATIOIN for PJ o'Rourke! Not ditto my fear of lima beans!

My first remembered act of acute stubbornness came over a serving of lima beans. Since I haven't made any more big kitchen messes to post about, maybe I can use that.

I really like PJ O'Rourke. Wish I had seen what you saw on book tv.

Anonymous said...

That would be ADMIRATION, can't type or construct a good paragraph. Must need stronger coffee.

Beverly said...

I love catalogs...don't get as many now as I used to. Your description of your meal is making me hungry!

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets lost in an airport parking garage. :-)

srp said...

Is it just called the "Baker's Catalog?" Mom gets that one. I have been amazed at the periodical catalogs that follow me around the country. And those from universities. The North Texas one still sends a Newsletter to my ex-husband, but mailed to my address. I thought when I moved from Mississippi to here it would quit.... Oh, no. Let's see, I've been divorced now for 17 years and they still can't get it right!