Monday, January 22, 2007

What a Difference a Week Makes

Sipping a cup of Boca Java's Light Up Las Olas blend, I couldn't help but ponder the building field for the 2008 presidential election this morning. How long will some of these potential nominees last, on both sides of the aisle?

Hillary Clinton, hoping to officially sit on the sidelines and let the others slug it out for a while, was forced into the ring after the formal announcement of John Edwards and then the announcement of Barack Obama's exploratory committee forming last week while she was touring Iraq. Interesting, no? The word was that several of Clinton's earlier supporters have jumped ship and gone over to Obama, including Hollywood big shots and George Soros, too. It doesn't really matter. Clinton has enough money for now that she doesn't have to worry.

Clinton's fingerprints were all over the yammering about the early schooling of Obama in a muslim school while he lived in Indonesia. The term 'radical muslim' was used in describing the school and that he was a student there for 4 years. That exposure teamed up with the fact that his middle name is Hussein proved too juicy to be ignored by the chattering class. Just as Clinton knew would happen. She has played hardball since her days in Arkansas and all I can say is Obama better watch his kneecaps.

I find the announcements of entering the race via webpages a sign of the times. Remember when all announcements were done with much fanfare, lots of beaming supporters and placards swaying in the background? Now, in the case of Clinton, it's the soft lighting and the couch, inviting you to 'chat' and let her know what is on your mind. How very Oprah.

Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, just may give them a run for the money. He is very experienced and is a capable uniter among quarrelling factions in both parties. And the bonus is that he has Hispanic blood to claim. He is a calm voice.

Hillary is shrill and her voice is one of monotones and scornful looks. She lectures. She sorely lacks Bill's personality so she will be counseled to not be on the stage with him too much. The comparison is not favorable to her. He'll be her biggest asset on the campaign trail and he'll love the center of the attention once again. She would be no where without him.

What I find so interesting is that Hillary prides herself the solid feminist, making her own way in the world. She was surrounded by children yesterday during her first public speech after the warm and cozy website announcement. Same with Nancy Pelosi, touting herself as first woman Speaker of the House, surrounding herself with grandchildren. She's just a mom and grandmom, we're told. I don't get it. What are they trying to prove with all this 'it's for the children' nonsense? Does it mean a woman must prove she is still motherly if she rises in power?

Sam Brownback from Kansas has entered the race. I don't think he has a chance, at least I hope not. I'm not impressed and I hope Republicans can finally start breaking away from the religious litmus tests. I think the far right has gone too far over and it makes me uncomfortable. I don't think it's good for the country any more than I think it is right that the Democrat candidates feel compelled to campaign in black churches. Separation of church and state. I think it is high time the churches allowing campaigning from the pulpit be denied tax-exempt status.

John Edwards was campaigning from the pulpit of Riverside Church in Harlem last week. Let's start with that church's tax exemptions.


seawitch said...

I'm learning more about Richardson and what I've found out so far makes me hope that he does win the Democractic nomination.

I agree with you about the religious litmus test. We don't need that in politics.

Paul is a Hermit said...

First thing, if Obama want to be my President, he's got change his name. Even if he'd just switch them around to Obama Barrack and is his middle name really Hussein? Bummer.
There will be so much dirt coming out that even he won't remember it all and all those jumping the Clinton ship had all better watch their knees. They don't like that.

You know, it's interesting to see the churches line up with those who espouse odds with them when elected and will do their best to keep God at bay. The churches must be expecting to get something for their support.


srp said...

I still think it is dangerous to foster "tolerance" of Islam and other religions in politics and education; while at the same time enforcing a complete "ban" on prayer at football games, and other Christian activities in education and politics to the point that the Hollywood crowd and far left politicians spout hatred and death wishes for anyone brave enough to stand up and testify that they are a follower of Christ.

In Ethiopia, the "peaceful" (said with much sarcasm) Muslim faithful are burning Christian churches, killing ministers and torturing those who profess their Christian faith.

These are difficult times and more are coming for Christians all over the world, even here as our religious freedom is curtailed more each day.

I believe God has had His hand of guidance and protection on America from its beginnings. Only small changes in the events of history would have shaped a very different America. I believe Presidents like Washington and Lincoln were in place in difficult times for a purpose. But, we as a nation can only tax His patience for so long. We have let the "few" push God out of daily life, the Ten Commandments out of courthouses, prayer out of schools (as if there is no prayer on test day)... the ACLU and others would like to see God taken off our currency, out of the pledge of allegiance and off of any public building. They would rather see college campuses host terrorist speakers, have rooms dedicated to and named after murderers than hear the name of God spoken anywhere. If we let our leaders "dispose" of God and no longer ask for His guidance, He will lift His hand of protection and then there will be grief in this land like no one has ever known.