Thursday, January 04, 2007

Optimism Runs Rampant

According to a recent AP poll, Americans are optimistic for the new year, 2007. Now, I know what you're thinking. AP is hardly a trustworthy source for information given their history of news reports recently, especially in the Middle East and the current scandal involving a source who apparently doesn't exist. But, let's go with this, for the sake of argument.

The poll shows that Americans are feeling pessimistic over the situation in Iraq but optimistic closer to home. Certainly understandable, I'd say. With the American and world press doing its level best to defeat the mission, and some of the blunders made at the leadership level, as with any war, well, what else is to be expected?

The poll shows 72% of Americans are optimistic for what the year 2007 will bring for our country and 89% are optimistic for themselves and their families. This is to be expected, also, now that the election is over and the press can report on good news, especially the continuing good economy which has been virtually ignored by reporters as it doesn't push the Dems agenda of rolling back tax cuts and all that.

The husband of our house has a new job. The week before Christmas he accepted a position he couldn't refuse. This turn in his career, however, is a major change for our family. The new job is an office job. The husband will sit behind a desk and have office hours of 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Not that he really leaves the office at 4:00, but that's the schedule. So, here we are.

For almost the entire, as of the end of this upcoming July, 24 years of our marriage, the husband has been a traveling man. I'm a very independent kind of gal and the arrangement has worked well for us. The joke around here is that the frequent traveling is what has made the marriage work all these years. I have enjoyed the best of both worlds, so to speak.

Throughout our marriage he has worked, first, scheduled time home and away, as in shifts. He has worked schedules of 14 days home and 14 days out, 21 days home and 21 days out, etc. As time has gone on and his positions moved into management and not just part of a team, his time away has been unpredictable and longer in lengths sometimes. This has made it virtually impossible to plan family vacations or holiday celebrations as we never knew if the husband would be home or not.

The traveling was a perk to the husband, not a burden, as he is truly an adrenaline junkie and enjoys the excitement of foreign lands and cultures. He's proud that he is sent across the globe to solve problems and keep drilling rigs working with his computer and technical knowledge. Rightly so.

The husband is coming up on a birthday next week. He will be celebrating his 59th birthday. The travel and time away from home is really beginning to take its toll. So, when the opportunity came along for a more 'normal' way of life, he decided to give it a shot.

He may occasionally travel, according to his job description, but mostly he'll travel a mere 10 - 15 minutes up the tollway each morning and back each night. Wierd.

Family time, Boy Scout campouts, holidays, just may all be written in ink on the calendar around here. A very big change.

"Mere change is not growth. Growth is the synthesis of change and continuity, and where there is no continuity there is no growth." - C.S. Lewis


Anonymous said...

I have to think this was divine, for your husband to be home for your son's last year of high school and his decisions for his future. It certainly sounds as if your boy's example is a fine one to follow. The two of you have done a fine job as parents, I can tell.

It will be an adjustment, won't it, for your husband to not take a plane every other week. Maybe that means some exotic vacations are already in his head.

Beverly said...

Wow, that will be an adjustment. I have to laugh at your comment about the marriage working because of hubby's frequent trips away. I am an independent soul as well, not marrying until I was 31. My husband became a real workaholic in his later years, and although he didn't travel for his work, he worked very long hours, so I ended up doing a lot of stuff on my own.

It worked for us...might not have had he been home at 5 every day. I used to think that if he ever retired, he would go nuts. Well, he never had that opportunity, and I'd love to have him around in the evenings. Enjoy your time, and yes, it's wonderful that he can be home for your son's last year of high school.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. It will never be the same again after the boy goes off to school. When they come home, they're different...not always a bad thing. We raise them for them to fly the nest, and fly the nest they will.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least he didn't retire! In our oil industry, people such as your husband are few and far between. There is such a lack of experience between 23 and 45 years of age. And like ac said, maybe this means exotic vacations for the two of you!

Jennifer said...

Quite a change, indeed. Maybe after all this time, he'll find that the adrenalin he joneses for can be found close to home. And maybe, after all this time, you'll come to relish more couple time.

And maybe you'll both travel now, only this time for personal pleasure!

Change can be exciting. Change can be good. I have a feeling this one, while maybe weird at first, will end up being the thrill of a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Just show him where you want him to sit and when the trash goes out :)
(kidding, please forgive)

Anonymous said...

Wow... you've known about this for weeks and didn't share until now! You can really keep a secret. ;)

The second thing; I totally understand the whole "he works so I'm independent" thing. Me too!!!! I worry about when we grow old and he retires. I told him he sooooo better take up golf or something.

kenju said...

Mr. kenju used to travel 3-4 nights per week. When the time came that he was home more than he was gone, it was a very big adjustment for the family. Good luck.

srp said...

I knew a couple who through their married life worked opposite shifts. Her job was day and his night. They just retired and I am wondering how all the "togetherness" is working out.:)
Congratulations to your hubby!

I got stuck in down server land yesterday!