Friday, January 05, 2007

It's For The Children

"Right now, we're counting down to the power shift", Wolf Blitzer said, as he giddily counted the minutes until his party was again in control of the House and Senate.

When the Republican Revolution arrived in D.C, in 1994, I guess I missed the official giant clock counting down the minutes. It was a much bigger change, after 40 years of Dems in control, I would say. But, no big digital readout documenting the change. No, Newt Gingrich was the face of "the angry white male" and Speaker Pelosi gets a coronation.

At a 'women's tea' Pelosi screamed, "All right, let's hear it for the power", after she declared herself the most powerful woman in America. Wow. Hillary must be so depressed.

All of the old has-beens of the feminist movement were voicing such pleasure at Pelosi's ascension to Speaker of the House. I'm finding it hard to keep up. Pelosi wants you to thinks, shucks, she's just a mom and grandma. She thanked her husband for helping get her out of the kitchen and into the House. She's just a common woman.

It's all for the children, she says. Again with the exploitation of children for politic's sake. Same old, same old. Her father was mayor of Baltimore. She is hardly the common woman. Her brother was mayor of Baltimore. It's the family business. She married a multi-millionaire. She is hardly the common woman. When she was ready for a political career after raising children, she was well-connected and financed. She is hardly the common woman. The vineyards and resort property she and her husband own is not using union labor. Where's her proclaimed support for unions? Why the free pass on that?

She is hardly the common woman.

Pelosi has gotten off to a rocky start. While running on all her ideas of 'ethics reform', she continues to support the members of her party under clouds. She wanted Hastings, an impeached judge for the Intelligence Committee, instead of Jane Harmon. Pelosi is no friend to other women, I suppose. She chose Hastings, then Reyes, over Harmon who was hand picked by her several years back for the committee after she left it, yet since Harmon is not moonbat crazy anti-Bush and military, she couldn't have her as the committee's chair. Reyes was recently in the news as he flunked a pop quiz on the difference of Sunnis, Shiites, and al Queda.

Maybe Reyes will study up a bit now.

So, Pelosi pretends to be a good feminist woman, a good Dem leader, yet doesn't promote women of quality, doesn't promote labor unions on her own property, and has no sense of humble gratitude.

William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson was given a standing ovation by the Congressional Black Caucus. Pelosi's office refused to let his opponent in the recent election's primary, a black woman who is an attorney in New Orleans, through on the phone when she called the office asking for support. The people of New Orleans re-elected Jefferson.

Pelosi is all about power, not principal, party not country. She can spin it any way she wants but when she talks of a new era of civility and non-partisanship, it is enough to make me gag. She has spent the last 7 years calling the President every name in the book, loudly and in print. She has demanded her sheeple be the party of no and the party of obstruction. She demands complete loyalty, yet criticizes the President when he expects the same from his administration. As long as Republicans are doing things her way, then it is bi-partisan. She is shutting out the Republicans while declaring her commitment to working with them. She has even eliminated written, recorded votes in committees, which was never done before. So much for transparency, accountability.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Anonymous said...

The liberals desperately want one more thing, to finish that which was interrupted, the power to appoint Federal judges who will help them legislate when necessary.
Maybe win close elections too.

I can't remember it being called, "Take power", I thought they "Took control."
I guess they have it right, as you said, Pelosi is all about power, country means nothing.
Albright is a little girl's role model in appeasement, giving away the store and rolling in the false praise of U.N. parties.

srp said...

Pelosi makes me nauseous. She doesn't care about anyone but herself and perhaps the liberals in California. What a hypocrite!