Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Kiss-Off

To combat the dreary weather today and enjoy ourselves dispite it, the husband and I are watching "The Producers" on HBO and enjoying an adult libation. We both also have our trusty notebook computers fired up and in use, so there you go. The boy is out in the computer room, on the desktop and watching Da Ali G Show on another HBO channel. That's my boy.

While in line at the post office this morning, I noticed the stamps coming out in the near future. One coming out this month is the new Love stamp. It's poster only said it has a January release, not a date, so I asked if the clerk had any. No, they are not out yet, was her answer. Sometime this month. I hope I remember to check back at the end of the month and then I can use them on some valentines I mail.

I have an obsession with fine stationary, and this edges over into the stamp territory. I like using corresponding stamps on cards I mail.

We all have our quirks.

While reading the Wall Street Journal today I noticed an article about the Candy Desk in the U.S. Senate. This was an article right up my alley.

Seems since Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania was defeated, the candy desk is in danger of being eliminated. For the past decade of Sen. Santorum's service, the candy desk has been stocked by Hershey and Just Born Inc, makers of Hot Tamales and Peanut Chews, according to the article.

The article reminds the reader that the ethics rules forbid members from accepting gifts worth $100 or more a year from a single source. A provision was crafted years ago that allow senators to offer visitors home-grown snacks like Florida orange juice or Georgia peanuts.

Mr. Santorum's desk will now be occupied by Senator Craig Thomas, of Wyoming. Wyoming doesn't have any big candy makers to take up the traditions, so the candy industry lobbying group that coordinates stocking up the desk will stop the effort.


The candy desk is a tradition that began in 1968. Senator George Murphy began sharing treats from his desk on the back row. He was a former actor and film executive. He left in 1971 and subsequent occupiers of the desk have continued the tradition. Some senators leave a few dollars in the desk to help with the cost. As the practice became institutionalized, the National Confectioners Association, in partnership with the Chocolate Manufacturers Association, began to organize donations.

So, there's some trivia-style small talk for you to use if you need some conversation filler. I'm here for ya.

Now, I must begin dinner - mustard coated chicken, noodles, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, maybe a loaf of bread popped into the oven with the help of the Pillsbury doughboy.


Anonymous said...

People are going to miss a lot about Sen. Santorum. We should have a stamp with his face on it.
I need a real cheap room to rent, anywhere in a Red State - let me know.
Every time I see Sen.-elect Casey...if it weren't for the Steelers and Hershey's, I'd deny my birth state.

No Hershey's :( That would make me think of retiring. The only thing that would console me would be
"mustard coated chicken, noodles, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, maybe a loaf of bread"

colleenR said...

I love love stamps. I used to love stationary but hardly ever write real letters anymore, sadly. I still like to match stamps to envelopes. I collect them too, but not like a real stamp collector. I just pull them off and put them next to photos in my photo albums. They are fun to look at years later.

Anonymous said...

We had McDonalds. LOL.

srp said...

We had egg noodles and baked chicken in a sort of chicken and dumpling type fashion... Nyssa baked a cherry pie. I have pictures to post later this week.

Too bad about the candy desk... a shame... the dentists could have given out free toothbrushes right next door.