Thursday, January 18, 2007

Katie Not So Cute

I love lists. I make them and I read them. As I make a list I am able to focus and organize thoughts.

Here's a list from a recent article I read of the Top Employers in Texas:

Alcon Laboratories
Container Store
David Weekley Homes
EOG Resources
Mens' Wearhouse
Methodist Hospital System
National Instruments
TD Industries
Texas Instruments
Valero Energy
Whole Foods Market

Interesting. These are the employers voted Best Places to Work. Just a little trivia for you.

So, I'm pondering what is the ratio of male to female executives in these companies? According to Katie Couric, always my source for the unvarnished truth, women are still being held back by men. Poor Katie. She's a multi-millionaire and her show is in the tank but she still feels the need to pen an article whining about the fact she was the only female news anchor in the White House briefing last week before the President's speech on the war in Iraq.

She said it is always a thrill to be in a White House briefing , "no matter who is in the Oval Office", getting her editorial jab in, and said the predominantly male atmosphere was 'jocular'. What? Did she think this word would mean an atmosphere of jocks?

"Don't more women deserve a place at the table, too?" I would venture to say, no, not if Couric is the cream of the crop. She laments the feminist movement of the 1970's as waning, (hello!), and the lack of women in the House of Reps or Senate. How did she miss commenting on her girl, Nancy Pelosi, and the fact that she's the first woman Speaker of the House?

Women are 51% of the American population. More women than men apply for college entrance. Wages for women have never been higher, (right, Katie?), and the argument that women are under the thumb of men is just plain silly. More liberal victimization pap.

Katie, put on your big girl panties and speak as a mature woman. Whining is not becoming on anyone.


srp said...

There are still professions or at least parts of professions where there is NOT equal pay for equal work. I was in one of those for almost 15 years. The two males paid themselves once a week. They paid me once every two weeks. No partnership track offered and then they sold the lab and left me holding the bag.

However, unlike Katie and Oprah and others, most women are not in the six and seven figure paychecks.

delta said...

Sadly, I must disagree with this blog......I see very little 'equal pay for equal work' in the work force which I have been a part of my whole life. There are a few, like SRP says who have crashed the glass ceiling, but very very few in comparison. I've endured employee meetings where men could talk and women were ignored. Men get the 'choice' assignments, women get the pieces. I could go on and on. Unless you're out there on the 'front lines' you really have no idea how bad it is.
It isn't whining and has nothing to do with 'big girl panties'.....its more like 'walk a mile in our shoes'.
I know divorced mothers who work two and three jobs just to 'get by' make what the ONE job the husband (who runs out on his responsibility) makes in the work force. There are no luxuries and little rest.
Until women of all means stand together there won't be either.

Janie said...

I don't necessarily agree with Katie's comments. However, in my industry, there is definitely a glass ceiling. I hesitate to even mention it, because I enjoy a great reputation, and several elected positions in associations in my field.

But still, it exists. I just choose to do the best job, ever, and trust God for everything. And I don't play games.