Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mary, Quite Contrary

How about those Brits, huh? News this morning that Scotland Yard has jailed eight men using counter-terrorism methods. The British surveillance tactics make ours look like a half-hearted effort so the left must be protesting it by now.

These men were in Birmingham England. They were planning an Iraqi style kidnapping, the victim, a soldier in his twenties, was already chosen. They were to demand ransom then execute him on camera to tout the act. Any of this sound familiar?

The parade of the odd in D.C. on Saturday had a segment of themselves spray painting the capitol building. Did you know that? The capitol police were instructed before the parade to stand down. Who dictates orders to the capitol police? The Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader. So, that would be Pelosi and Reid.

Did you know that the communications director and senior policy advisor to Louisiana Rep. William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson has resigned from his employ and has a new job? It is to be the press secretary to the House Judiciary Committee. I kid you not. This is according to Roll Call, "The Newspaper of Capitol Hill".

And this brings us to Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. Recently Barack Obama, Joe Lieberman and Mary were in New Orleans for a 'field hearing' focusing on the rebuilding efforts in the city. Mary, quite contrary, said, "I often think we would have been better off if the terrorists had blown up our levees. Maybe we'd have gotten more attention."

More attention. What an embarrassment she continues to be. Billions of federal monies have been allotted to New Orleans. Whose fault is it that the governor and the mayor of New Orleans can not even show enough competence to get the money and properly distribute it? They are still arguing over plans on the drawing board.

Mary is from a political family. Her father, Moon Landrieu, was the mayor of New Orleans. Her brother was in the state legislature and is now Lt. Gov of the state. Mary was comptroller of the state before she went to the Senate in D.C. She has always been on the government's payroll, whether state or federal, and clearly sees the government as Big Daddy.

Last week taxpayers in my city were subjected to more whining from the Katrina people still here and living off funds from FEMA. The FEMA money is scheduled to be cut off in six months. This is the end of the third extension, by the way. Well, now it will be another 18 months. When will we just admit that these folks will never take care of themselves and have no intention of doing so? These are the ones living off the city and state in Louisiana and now they expect FEMA to pick up the slack. FEMA is not chartered to be a welfare program. It is a temporary emergency relief agency.

Mary, quite contrary, told a reporter at the 'field hearing' that she didn't like the reputation Louisiana has about corruption. She said, "Mississippi is actually the most corrupt state in the union." Wow. Who knew? Could it be her anger is directed to the state of Mississippi because they are handling reconstruction and their governor and local mayors aren't throwing tantrums as a means of getting attention? I think it shows a distinction between political parties, too. Louisiana, democrat governor, Mississippi, republican. The mayors along the coast of Mississippi who are democrat are working with the republican governor. Yet, in Louisiana, with all democrats, except for the junior Senator Vitter, nothing is done as it should be going by now. Interesting.

The culture of victimization continues in the great state of Louisiana.


Beverly said...

Oh, my, she's something, isn't she. My friend, who is from Lafayette, can't stand her either. I just can't believe that people can be like that.

AC said...

I am very anxious to hear what Hayley Barbour has to say about the relative states of corruption. I've read books by authors FOR YEARS chronicling the corruption of NOLA police and politicos.

Honestly, how much more attention CAN be paid to NOLA! Its even worked its way into shows like ER and L/O-SVU, as if nothing bad happened anywhere else during Katrina. Its maddening!

srp said...

Somehow I lost you this week and it was probably good that I didn't read this until I was in a calm state. Even though there are many things I dislike about Mississippi and there are some "elected" judges that are as dirty and corrupt as they come.... there is NO CITY or STATE government more corrupt in the US than New Orleans and Louisiana. The leaders elected can't find their behind with both hands and should really try go get their heads out from their behinds as well. Are they from another planet?!!!!!

BTW, the IS me being calm! :)