Thursday, February 01, 2007

Beantown Bamboozled

So, Boston came to a screeching halt yesterday, thanks to the Cartoon Network. I'm guessing the Einstein responsible for this stunt is looking for a job this morning. My son is a huge fan of the Adult Swim shows on the network and was amazed to see the coverage on tv as he came home yesterday.

Joe Biden launches the shortest presidential campaign in U.S. history! On the very day he announces he is running, not even bothering with the standard exploratory committee, he bashes his competition. The bashing extends to the flavor of the month, Barack Obama. Obama is slipping in the polls against Hillary but may see a little boost, thanks to Joe. Poor Joe. The man has a well known habit of talking on and on and on, clearly in love with the sound of his own voice and under the belief he is the smartest person in the room, but this is bad for even him. He makes the remark that Obama is the first mainstream, articulate, 'clean' African American to run for president. Interesting adjectives. Articulate, yes, an Ivy League educated career politician would be, usually. Mainstream? No. One of the most liberal records in the Senate and the most liberal of all the Illinois legislature while there. What's the clean thing?

You may remember Joe seems to have problem with this sort of thing, describing people to the press. Last year he made news for saying Indians immigrating here were successful businessmen. "You can't go to a Dunkin Donuts or 7-Eleven without being Indian American, now." Nice.

Is Joe a bit of a racist? If his name was Trent Lott, he'd sure be called one.

Double standards, anyone?

President Bush received a strong, warm reception on Wall Street yesterday. The economy continues to go nothing but up and his tax cuts are credited with that growth.

The Democrats are having a retreat in Williamsburg this weekend and have invited President Bush to come visit. He will and will take questions from them.

And, the New York Times is at it again. Determined to aid and abet the enemy in the war in Iraq, they published a photo of a fallen soldier from Texas, as well as run video of it on the web. His parents are furious and distraught from the episode. The Times will write a letter to the parents, it says in the newspaper today. Terribly big of them.

And , CBS is doing the Dan Rather thing, too. Lara Logan, the blantant anti-Bush 'reporter' is using video from al-Qaeda in her reports. She was caught and is trying to weasel out of responsibility. Oops.

The AP continues to make it up as they go in Iraq, too. They reported 4 mosques in Hurriyah neighborhood in Baghdad were destroyed, burned, torched,blown up. They credited a source, Jamil Hussein. Hussein's very existance has been questioned. Many believe the source doesn't exist. The mosques are all standing and not destroyed at all. Oops.

But everyone supports the troops, right?


srp said...

Bush and Democrats in Williamsburg? Why do I have a girl in school there and haven't heard about it? Oh, yes, the broken car and smothering load of reading for Anthropology and Physics labs and residents who won't pay their dorm dues and the greatest problem of all time.... her cell phone died, won't recognize the network.

I hope security isn't such that she can't get out of town.... needs Costco pizzas for the big game.

Beverly said...

Oh, my, I hadn't heard about Biden's remarks until I turned on talk radio this morning. Oh, my, is all I can say.

Paul is a Hermit said...

As long as our fair and omnipotent press has the reins, old Joe B. will get a pass, after all it's not like he's a conservative or anything and of course, he didn't mean anything bad, he's said so. Good enough for the NY/LA Times.
Unless they want to get rid of him.

What's so curious to me is voters and our penchant for putting overblown windbagss into office and keeping them. Almost every state has at least one. I've got Specter - how pontifical can you get? But we've kept him there since, why since he was a little guy.
Hypocrites, and our troops see who in power is supporting them. If they're laughing over what they see, it's a terribly bitter laugh.

AC said...

Biden's remarks were really stupid. Only someone who knows he is *safe* from the press vampires would make such a gaffe. Don't these people think before they speak? I guess they just speak and speak so much and as you say, love to hear their own incessant speaking.

What I don't get is that they SHOW the still standing mosques yet the story persists! The things they believe and don't believe. Mind boggling.

Blogger comments on my page are broken. I'm glad your are up and running.