Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

I know my blog is banned in China, as the husband told me so. Mostly all American blogs are, apparently. Still, a shoutout to the Chinese today on the beginning of their new year. Did you know the tradition is to only think good thoughts and positive energy stuff today so that the new year will be focused on what a person wants to happen?

I have a mind full of useless facts. I'm great at trivia games.

A lifetime of obsessive reading does that to a person.

Last night on the BBC America channel, a new show began. It's called 'The State Within' and it was 2 1/2 hours of enjoyable suspense. It's like a Brit/American collaboration of a '24' style show. Tonight and tomorrow night bring more of it as it rolls out for the viewing public. Sharon Gless, if you are old like me and remember 'Cagney and Lacey', plays the U.S. Secretary of Defense. I'm in it for the British accents. So nice.

Check out the website,, to see if your Republican Senator voted yesterday to betray our country in the war in Iraq. If so, time to let your voice be heard. I wasn't worried about mine but there were seven who voted with the Dems. Every one of the Dems voted yes on the resolution. Ten Senators were absent. Only one was a Dems, Johnson of S.D. who is still hospitalized. The resolution failed anyway, thanks to strong leadership from Mitch McConnell, who I am relieved to see in his position. Fortunately, for the military, he is a leader with a couple.

The encouraging news, a glimmer of hope, coming from the new plan in Baghdad is that since it began last week, violence is markedly down. No soldiers from the coalition have been killed, knock wood. I know the Dems are so strongly invested in our military's defeat there, but, just suppose the surge works and victory wins the day. The sheer dangerousness of the full tilt Bush Derangement Syndrome on the left will be undeniable. Political micromanagement by unworthy foolish old men is, again, not a plan for victory.

Sometimes I feel as though I am a lone voice in the wilderness. I know sometimes I feel as though I'm the only person around with my hair on fire over the implicit threat to our way of life.

I prefer to be Churchill, not Chamberlain. Fortunately, for all of us whether we acknowledge it or not, does President Bush.


srp said...

My representative voted with the president. I'm sure the weirdo with the boots senator whom I did not vote for voted for it. But he is democrat, rude and a pig so I expected nothing else. He gives pigs a bad name. Can you tell I'm in a really bad mood?

I was napping with four snoring cats and my dad was watching something in the living room. His hearing is really shot and I haven't been able to coax him to getting it checked yet so the volume is so high on the TV, you can hear his program all over the house. It was a program detailing the power of the ACLU and the runnaway loose cannon judges. The fact that the ACLU argues more cases in front of the Supreme Court than anyone but the government..... that they are arguing cases which legislation by Congress could never get through into law because of the voice of the people.... that while they are working to release names of suspected terrorists during the time of war and suing active generals, they are raking in millions of tax dollars in legal fees. The tax payer is paying for an unelected liberal organization to undermine our own security and to influence legal decisions that have NEVER been voted on by the people. And while they work to aid terrorists by opposing the freezing of their monetary assets, they also work against Christians by trying to remove all symbols of our faith. While they champion all others... Islam, Buddism, and atheists.... they fight Christians. Without the principles of the Bible this country would have never been founded and without the principles of the Bible this country will fail.

What do we DO about the ACLU? How do we keep our tax money out of their pockets? How do the people take back the courts?

This didn't make for a warm and cozy feeling after a nap.

Now I must go feed the dog and regroup.

AC said...

I am visualizing the t-shirt -- The Burning Hair Babes! I'm in, as I'm with you on the impending threat. It is in our very faces and there are so many in complete denial.

Shallow me, but does "The State Within" have a jack Bauer equivalent. Combined with a Brit accent, and, well, I'd be a puddle.

Both my senators voted correctly. The Senator I am really disappointed in is Norm Coleman. The others, I expected no better.

My actual congressman voted correctly but one district over and a great big deal in these parts, John Duncan Jr. voted with the White Flaggers. I didn't think he'd win the last time with his anti-war stance but he is entrenched. He follows his dad in Congress, who served 12 terms and was also Mayor of K-ville.

Beverly said...

Karen, keep being a voice. I shudder to think what our children will be experiencing, let alone ourselves.

Jessica said...

I am all for us getting out of Iraq, BUT the way I want it done is by our Congress standing up for their principles and taking ACTION not some dumbass resolution that cannot be enforced. I mean hey if they believe that strongly the war is wrong then they should do what it takes to end it. I think we're in a no-win. If we stay in we're screwed, if we pull out we're screwed. We went in because of WMD's which were never found (I think they were spirited out long before the conflict began) and now we're in a conflict we can't just leave without serious repercussions, not to mention it would seriously damage the US credibility. It's a no-win dilemma. I blame Bush, I blame George Tenet who was allowed to walk away with hugs from all and his retirement, I blame those in Congress who were privy to the information and didn't do MORE homework before voting for it....

I supported us going into Iraq when we were told we were in IMMINENT danger.

We were never IN imminent danger. Someone knew we weren't....someone, I don't know WHO, whether it was the President, Rumsfeld, Congress, I just don't know but someone knew and let us go anyway.

War is big business.

Have a great day! Your friendly neighborhood INDEPENDENT!

Jess :)