Friday, February 09, 2007


The husband opened our conversation yesterday morning as we were going about our early routines with the following: "You'd support Guiliani, wouldn't you?" My answer: "Yes, in a heartbeat."

Nothing will get the blood pumping quicker in the morning than a good question. I have thought about the candidates offering themselves up for presidential nomination and I am intrigued by what I see. It is so early in the political season, and anything can and will happen, so your guess is as good as mine on who will end up with the nominations. I conclude, as of this day, the nominees will be Hillary and Rudy.

I have no problem with the candidacy of Rudy Guiliani. For me, the central, most important issue facing this country is national security and the war on terrorism. Rudy would be a firm, strong leader, as he proved with his leadership after 9/11. He showed calm, steely determination to get that city up and running while continuing to protect its citizens.

To those who say, without the events of 9/11, Rudy would only be remembered as a standard issue to not so great mayor, I say that's nonsense. To those of us who remember the city he inherited from his predecessors, he was a miracle worker. He cleaned up Manhattan when it was sorely needed. Tourists returned to the city in droves as the word got out that Times Square and all the usual tourist spots were once again safe and clean. You'll find it is the Democrats who are bad-mouthing Rudy's performance as mayor. Why? Because a careful examination shows good success. They are worried that early polling continues to show that a race between Hillary and Rudy would provide a Guiliani presidency.

I am an old-style Republican. I am a fiscal conservative and social liberal with a strong libertarian streak. I am pro-choice, pro-death penalty, minimum taxation, states rights, anti-gun control but strongly demand background checks for felons, gay rights supporter, and all about power to the people. I think if a citizen doesn't vote, the right to complain is lost. Don't like what is going on, get out there and work for change.

I refuse to vote on a single moral issue. I have no patience for a potential voter who will not support a pro-choice Republican and stay home on election day rather than protect the country from another Clinton reign. I think a candidate must be viewed in total, not through tunnel vison. I understand all sides of the issue of a woman's choice. My generation of women was at the forefront of the issue. I think we are all human and it is a very personal issue. I don't think the federal government has any business in the decision. It's a states right issue. It's between a woman, her God, and her doctor. Period.

I don't understand the hypocrisy of those who are claiming to be pro-choice yet do not support the death penalty. Is one life more sacred than another?

John Edwards has hired two female bloggers to lead his campaign on the blogosphere. Both women are bigoted, foul-mouthed twits. They put forth screeds of anti-Catholic and anti-traditional family values posts in sharp contrast to the all-American image Edwards is working to promote. He says he has spoken to both women and they have apologized for the previous posts on their blogs. He doesn't plan to fire them now that he is fully aware of their blogging history. Interesting. I was taught that a person is known by the people he/she associates with in life.

If a candidate doesn't have the courage of his basic beliefs on a personal level to stand up to those he views as offensive, than how could that candidate be trusted with the security of our nation against those working for our destruction?


seawitch said...

I like Rudy. He shows good leadership, better than any of the candidates out there. The only thing I don't like is his stance on gun-control.

Paul is a Hermit said...

From what I've seen of the two so far, I'd be happiest with Romney but Guiliani is by far better known and proven through crisis, Romney seems his equal in normal management. I truly want someone who will be conservative in Supreme Court nominees.

Who to beat Hilary? Or the media's new found obsession, Barack?

I defer to women on one issue, pro or anti-abortion. Simply because I cannot get pregnant. If I could, I would be anti - unless I was raped, then I would be Pro. Hypocrisy.
Yes, well, I didn't agree to have a child or be forcibly inseminated either.
I agree totally that one-issue should not sink a candidate, not in this complex world, but can you support an anti-abortionist and can I support a pro-gun control Republican?
As opposed to a liberal Democrat? I think so.

srp said...

You would have had a great time here yesterday, gathering fodder for your wonderful political analysis. I took Nyssa my old cell phone (another sad story of broken technology) and there were news trucks and police and three buses blocking the circle at William and Mary. It was the kickoff to what they are calling the "State of the Black Union" conference held today in Hampton. Jessie Jackson and Cornell West, among others are around. Of course in an interview Jesse Jackson referred to the need for "A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD FOR MINORITIES" in education and the work place. I think if I have to hear this one more time I will puke all over the computer.

IF Jesse Jackson did NOT have such an ATTITUDE of ENTITLEMENT and IF her were NOT such a BIGOT RACIST himself he WOULD have said there needed to be a "LEVEL PLAYING FIELD FOR ALL PEOPLE. That is the purpose of civil rights isn't it? An even playing field for all people... no more us and them, or black and white... just WE, together! But no, apparently ONLY the minorities NEED or HAVE THE RIGHT to an even playing field.

It is to play to the Jesse Jacksons of the world that universities will pass on qualified students and admit those of lower scholastic achievement because of race. It is why there is in addition to the National Merit Scholarship program, a separate scholarship system open only to those of minority race and with lower required scores. This is not inspiring anyone to excellence. Jesse Jackson et al should listen to Bill Cosby. He knows the real solution.

I wonder what will happen and how the Jacksons will spin things when the minority becomes the majority, if it hasn't already?

I know this has nothing to do with Rudy... I like him too although I am not pro-choice in the way most are. I am pro-choice in the fact that an individual has the right to make the choice to have sex without contraceptives if they want. But that choice entails a responsibility and consequences. We don't let a thief make the choice to steal and then choose whether or not he is punished when he is caught. No one wants their kids to live like their life choices have no consequences, yet abortion on demand validates the concept. Abortion used as contraception is plainly stupid and not without its own consequences of infertility. And the hard core women's groups are so intent on keeping "abstinence" from being taught in school. God really did know what he was doing when he planned out the family.

I do, in fact believe in abortion or early use of the miscarriage drug in cases of incest and rape and if the life of the mother is in immanent danger. Of course in Biblical times incest and rape were probably punished by death. (That would keep child molesters out of society wouldn't it)

Sorry about the rant, but buses making navigation through the maze of William and Mary make my blood pressure go off scale and Jesse Jackson just gets on my last nerve.

AC said...

Edwards is having a little problem with his *two Americas* schtick since he's obviously living in the *one* he derides. Talk about hypocrits out wandering around! I don't mind anyone having, having made or spending their earned money, but he twists my knickers talking about how big, bad, upper incomers treat the other guy. Didn't he send a lowly staffer to stand in line at Walmart (which he hates) to get his playstation or whatever? Can't stand him.

What I don't get now and will never understand is the stance of being Against the Death Penalty but For Abortion. The one awaiting the death penalty did not get there by some Kafka-esque Trial and is allowed years of legal advice and appeals. The baby, for that is what it is, not a lump of tissue, has no advocate. It is an innocent, powerless, brought into being through no act of its own.

When I hear the argument of "one innocent man on death row" I counter that ALL babies are innocent.

How one champions protecting the perpetrator of supremely heinous offenses and dismisses the reality of the life of a defenseless, innocent baby makes no sense to me.

While the circumstances of pregnancy and its relative welcomeness are not black and white, the baby remains postulate. Regardless of one's decision to either protect or terminate a baby's life, it is still a death. That is what a woman and her God deal with.

If you can't tell, I am also a proponent of closed, not open adoptions. That is a choice too of course, but I think open adoptions offer less incentive for the unhappily pregnant to choose adoption.

All that being said, my best candidate can never represent in whole, my philosophical, religious, economic and social beliefs. I would be hard pressed to find another single individual to match me exactly. I have to prioritize and find a candidate who ticks off the most lines on my list. I need a candidate who sees the reality of the times and distinguishes between intellectual philosophy and trite party line.

Anti-gun control (with background checks), miminum taxation, personal responsibility (instead of ruinous entitlement programs) states rights, pro-death penalty, strong military, victim's rights, border control, private health care (not socialized medicine) -- these are the arena of the politician and the most important areas, to me, for a candidate to closely match my own.

stay home on election day rather than protect the country from another Clinton reign

This is the most important issue facing the 2008 voter. Do what it takes to keep Hillary out. Find and support a charismatic, strong, intelligent, fiscally conservative, tenacious candidate with (cojones, sisu, chutzpah, moxie, gumption) to do the right thing without consulting a poll or the media.

I wish I had been there with srp. My blood needs boiling every now and then.