Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras to all those celebrating today. We have a yummy looking King Cake waiting to be served this evening as dessert. Then the rest will be wonderful with coffee in the morning and so on. With only three of us, it might last several days. Maybe.

Our son is celebrating Mardi Gras by taking a TAKS test at school today. It's the Texas Assessment exam and today's portion is English/Language Arts. He excels in this area so he wasn't stressed out this morning. Just another day.

On the political front, I read Barack Obama is attending a Bevery Hills fundraiser thrown for him by biggies in Hollywood like Steven Speilberg. He did a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer yesterday in California. Boxer isn't up for re-election until 2010 but is nervous about the rumors she may be challenged by Gov. Arnold when the times comes. Wouldn't that be interesting?

Boxer, doing the weasel routine, was sure to say she didn't necessarily endorse Obama for President. Guess she really can't so early on as she was related by marriage to Hill and Bill when her daughter married and had a child with Hill's brother, Tony. That marriage lasted about a half hour, big surprise. He was about 20 years older than her.

Hillary, who now wants a complete withdrawal out of Iraq in 90 days, is claiming she has been speaking for this withdrawal for 2 years. What? I guess that's what her advisor's polling told her to say but crap, who's falling for that nonsense? I really don't know of a more polarizing public figure than this woman. Her husband and her, along with their feel good, let the good times roll administration of the 1990's, because it was a co-presidency you remember, emboldened Saddam by one U.N. resolution being ignored after another. She made the little 'let's go get Saddam' speech like all the others on the Senate floor. I agree the war hasn't been run well but that doesn't mean I want her and her ilk running it from Washington, D.C. with the upcoming election in mind. Obama wants the withdrawal done by March next year so I guess she had to outdo him on the road to surrender and defeat.

She feels quite entitled to the presidency, that one.

Yesterday while campaigning in South Carolina Hillary felt the need to tell the audience she doesn't approve of the Confederate flag being flown. She actually said while we are at war our country should be united under one flag. Yeah, that Hillary. She's a real uniter.


Beverly said...

She makes me sick.

srp said...

I already had a headache. Just the thought of Hillary makes me nauseous. I don't care for the Confederate flag in the south either, but it has nothing to do with being united when at war.... she has got to be kidding... it is more divisive for Senators to go to the battlefield and then blast the Commander in Chief than it is to fly the Confederate flag. What the senators and congressmen have done with regard to the war would have been treason in earlier days of our country. Wish we could revise that crime!

AC said...

I about lost it when I read that Bill sill be the Chosen One to fill Hill's vacant Senate Seat when she ascends to the White House. I don't know how she is going to keep up with all the sides of an issue she has taken, though it will not make any difference to the media.