Monday, February 05, 2007

Three's Company

There is a story breaking on the local news that is quite juicy, in a voyeur sort of way. I'm calling it Astronauts Gone Wild.

Seems there is a female astronaut, Capt. Lisa Nowak, in jail with no bond. She's in the Orange Co. jail in Orlando. The charges are reported to be attempted kidnapping, attempted battery, and attempted burgulary. What?

Seems Capt. Lisa drove the 1,000 miles from her home, which she shares with her husband, here in Houston to Orlando. She went so far as to purchase adult style diapers so she wouldn't have many stops. I know. Just bear with me.

She dons a wig and trench coat in Orlando and is arrested on the charges mentioned above as she attacks USAF Capt. Shipman, also an astronaut, with mace. In Capt. Lisa's car a folding knife and an air pistol are also found.

Seems Capt. Lisa thought Capt. Shipman was moving in on her man. Not her husband, mind you, another astronaut. Um-huh. Lt. Bill Oefelein is the object o'attention of the ladies. Capt. Lisa told authorities she had a "more than professional" relationship with the Lt.

Capt. Lisa was last in space last year as a mission specialist on Space Shuttle Discovery, traveling to the international space station and operated the robotic arm. She's 43 years old and has been an astronaut since 1996.

Lt. Bill was also on Discovery and has over 308 hours in space, being selected as an astronaut in 1998. He last flew in December.

Capt. Lisa is to be arraigned tomorrow morning. I'm sure it'll be all over the morning news.

"Everyone is stunned", said a co-worker.

Ya think?


Paul is a Hermit said...

Sounds like, a rival was going to die from what Fox is reporting.

AC said...

Do you reckon she made it on ONE diaper? Yuck.

srp said...

Now, she is also being charged with attempted first degree murder... apparently she had a lot of things in her car to carry it out.

Oh, what tangled webs we weave....

Beverly said...

What a story! You always think some people would be above such goings on.

AC said...

Off Topic, Karen, but I picked up an Il Divo cd at the library yesterday, on your recommendation. Looking forward to hearing it; the photograph on the cover is nice in itself!

colleen said...

I'm thinking she had a psychotic break or a mania episode?

delta said...

Psycho for sure, I doubt he's worth all that hassle. one is saying anything or passing judgement on HIM.....two mistresses.......does he also have a wife? Odd world we live good but woman psycho.

delta said...

PS.....maybe she can get Denny Crane to defend her......mad cow disease.