Monday, February 19, 2007

Lundi Monday

I would wish you a happy Presidents Day but I refuse to give credence to the holiday. I continue to think it is further proof of the dumbing down of American history to her people.

Presidents Day was created, why? For convenience only. Two very important presidents have a birthday in the month of February so in order for government employees to take another paid day off work, let's lump the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It's absurd.

The country shuts down for the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., doesn't it. I don't argue that MLK doesn't deserve his national day of recognition. I simply say the president commonly referred to as the father of our country should have his own day of recognition. The same applies to Honest Abe, who freed the slaves. They are all three important days to remember, yet I think we can honor these men and continue on with our daily life.

My husband is at work today. My son is in school today. Notable dead people are remembered every day. A person could argue that if all three of these men were striving for better lives of everyday people, for freedom, then every person of value to a society should be remembered. All citizens doing good works and trying to make a difference are worthy.

So, today I wish you a happy Lundi Monday, the day before Mardi Gras. If I were still a citizen of the great state of Louisiana, my son would be enjoying today off from school. The days around Mardi Gras are non-school days and many people take the time to use for family vacations. I took my son to Montana one year during Mardi Gras week break so he could see and play in snow. Mardi Gras is a holiday in Louisiana. Yet the rest of the country continues on.

Happy Lundi Monday. Makes as much sense as Presidents Day.


srp said...

Vicki said that in Illinois they have no mail on President's Day and Lincoln's birthday. OF course she says that a lot of days they just don't feel like delivering the mail there... holiday or not.

In Virginia we used to be off of school on Lincoln's and Washington's birthday.

AC said...

When do you get your King Cake?

AC said...

I noticed on my sitemeter just lately that I'd had several hits on Sonnets from sites in China. Now I'm getting Chinese spam in my email, kinda scary.

Jennifer said...

It was Lazy Monday around these parts. I didn't hit A SINGLE ONE of the sales, in protest. But I did sleep late.