Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Consuming Valentines

The winner of the Westminster Dog Show is an English springer spaniel named Diamond Jim. Seems an appropriate name for a winner at Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day. Did you go out and do your part to make cash registers ring? I gave my guys gift bags of candy. The husband is a fan of dark chocolate so he got his favorite brand in a heart shaped box. The son was given a bag full of plastic heart shaped containers filled with his favorites. Plus one gigantic size candy bar.

I'm a giver.

I made brownies yesterday as a pre-holiday treat so I enjoyed one with coffee this morning. Seemed like the thing to do.

Do you wonder where the penguin fascination comes from here in Pondering Penguin land? Well, it comes from the first Valentine's Day celebrated with the husband, the future husband at that time. It was February, 1982. Known for a flair for the dramatic, the husband gave me one of those huge valentines that first Valentine's Day. The design on it was a big colony of penguins in the traditional artic setting. I loved it and the penguin has been a sentimental favorite since.

Come on, who doesn't smile at penguins?


AC said...

I am belated with my own Valentine's chocolate, but I'll be making brownies tomorrow.

srp said...

Valentine's Day was dark and dreary here and so we basked in the warmth of heat inside. Today is my dad's birthday, much better with sunshine but even colder with temps in the 30s and a biting north wind. We will go out to eat.