Friday, February 02, 2007

It's a Zoo

Where to begin? The Democrats are having quite the parade of wannabe presidents at their Winter Conference. The Ringleader, Howard Dean, produced an Imam from the Karbalaa Islamic Education Center, a Shite Mosque in Dearborn, Michigan to do the opening prayer. Do you think the oh so tolerant and intellectual attendees fully understood the prayer? If so, I doubt they would have all joined in with the final Amen. He called for the end of the occupation and oppression in the prayer. I'm sure these people thought it was an excellent anti-Iraq war jab. This Imam, however, is an active pro-Hezbollah, anti-Semite Muslim and his prayer was for the elimination of Israel and the conversion of the audience to Islam, according to people who analyzed the content of the prayer.

Nice. Idiots.

Then the steady stream of speechifers included John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary one upping each other in the 'I'll end the war now' chorus. No plans produced, no thoughts as to what happens next, but the crowd lapped it up. The best was Hillary claimed if she was president in 2002, the war would never been executed. She didn't however, say it was the culmination of 8 years of 'negotiations' and talking to our enemies that led up to 9/11. Will she bring back Maddie Albright to do the macarena again in North Korea while drinking champagne at the annual Communist Day parade?

The Dems used to cry that there were not enough troops in Iraq. Now that more are being sent, well, it just won't work. Let's pack it in and go home. Wait for the attacks here. It was only 3,000 in New York and Pa. That's not so bad, is it?

Hillary wants her major donors to pledge to raise $1 million each. She who decried President Bush as a candidate when he had his "pioneers" who pledged to raise $100,000 each. That was then. This is now, as she is so sure she'll be sleeping in the White House in January, 2009.

Just may, too.

She and Bill will be about impossible to stop. She'll change her persona for each part of the country. She'll wear pink suits and aw shucks the common folk. And everyone will jump up and woot and applaud.

John Edwards will continue with his inane two Americas theme. He's building the largest estate in North Carolina, but, nevermind that.

Barack Obama will continue to be an empty suit. He is too much a rookie with these folks. He can talk about his feelings all day long. That's no way to lead. It's good for People magazine, though. And Oprah.

So, we're a nation at war with politicans who head off overseas with the swells in Europe and bash our country. The Europeans love it. We'll concentrate on what, global warming? We'll see panels with opposing views since the scientific community is at odds with each other over it. Remember in 1970 when the whole Earth Day thing started? Well, back in those days the 'environmentalists' were positively certain we were headed into another ice age. Yeah.

Kyoto? The Senate overwhelming voted against it during the Clinton years. Those voting against it included Kerry, who now speaks as if he didn't. The vote was unanimous.

Kerry was bashing the U.S. for not doing enough for the AIDS crisis in Africa while he was bloviating in Devos. The Bush administration has devoted $4 billion annually to that cause. That's billion, with a B. That number is triple what the Clinton administration was sending. No praise from the haughty looking Bostonian, though. Just making it up as he goes.

So, Kerry and Hillary and Edwards are now denouncing their votes for the war in Iraq. They are proving they cannot be trusted yet don't care. Say anything to get the votes.

I don't relish the thought of another eight years of a Clinton pointing her/his finger at me and telling me what's good for me.

Hillary is going to 'take the profits' of Big Oil and use it for a commission on alternative energy. Take the profits? What does that mean? Taxes raised or money just confiscated? Someone should tell her we are not a socialist nation. Yet. She'll work on that.

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AC said...

The translation of the prayer was chilling. What fools.

I zeroed right in on Hillary's "take the oil profits", not TAX the oil profits, TAKE them. as in Nationalize? As in Confiscate? I was aghast!

Heaven help us all if she gets in and gets her way. Our economy and freedoms will look completely different and not good.

I'm sure she'd like to muzzle bloggers. isn't that on her agenda, getting rid of talk radio and political blogs? Karen, you need a t-shirt right now, Protect the Pondering Penguin. I'll buy three!