Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday's Finish Up

So, from my perch, I'd say Obama won the dust up theatre with Hillary. His Hollywood heavyweight was able to vent a bit about Hollywood's former idols, Bill and Hill, and Obama was able to show the panicky side of Hillary's campaign.

Obama was here in Houston last night for a fundraiser. No press allowed, as has been his strategy so far. The least expensive ticket went for $250 so I thought that sounded like a bargain after the Hollywood soiree.

The big headline from Obama was he now calls for a May 1 redeployment, surrender, of the troops with completion still by March 2008. He supports the amendment being crafted in the Senate by 30 or so Dems calling for the micromanagement of Congress of the war.

Contrast that bit of unconstitutional legislation being drafted with the cries by the unserious and silly Americans belittling the Bush administration's efforts to keep us safe at home and charges of losing 'rights' here. It's nonsense, of course, but we continue to hear it. Those crying loss of 'free speech' are not silenced. We always hear their complaints, for heavens sake, in the press. What loss? The Dixie Chicks? Well, besides treason on foreign soil by the chubby one's 'free speech' opinion, did those not agreeing with her actions not have the same freedom to voice their opinion? Does it only go one way? All they had to do was wait a year and their base at the Grammy's rewarded them. Big Deal. They became very wealthy off the very audience they now claim they never were a part of. Those stupid country people, they say.

The only constitutional standing Congress has is the power of the purse in time of war. They can cut the funding, period. They cannot micromanage the war from Washington, D.C. Let's remember that lesson from Vietnam.

Yet, the Dems do not truly have the courage of their political calculations. They pander and hope for defeat. It's disgusting. The polls show the American populace doesn't want to cut funding to the troops and that is the only power they have to undermine the president. Except the constant bombardment of how horrible things are and how they've been lied to. It is so unserious. How come no one claims Clinton was lying with his conclusions from the very same intelligence? Regime change in Iraq became foreign policy under Clinton in 1998. Because no war with Iraq was declared? Because he didn't have the stomach for disapproval by those who don't get the world picture? Well, that brought 9/11 and we all had to wake up, didn't we? Our national slumber was over.

I was as asleep as everyone else. bin Laden was a threat but not of immediate pursuit, I thought. Clinton was offered bin Laden several times by foreign governments, as it happens. He wimped out. He chose to use court action against terrorists. It seems so crazy now to look back. Hindsight. I'm awake now.

John Howard, Australia's Prime Minister, is sending more troops, not less. Prince Harry is being deployed to Basra. Good on him.

My coffee for the troops was sent this time to FOB Jalalabad Airfield, I've been notified. I hope the troops get their Girl Scout cookies soon.

I hope I get my Girl Scout cookies soon!

The Dems now want to produce a resolution taking away the powers given to Bush to invade Iraq. They were for it before they were against it...

Wasn't a winning strategy for Kerry the last time around. They might want to ponder that a bit now.


Jennifer said...

There have been lots of times in my life when I put all my faith in a person or a thing or a thought only to realize I was mistaken later and change my mind. I don't see that as a weakness. In fact, I think being able - and willing - to admit a mistake and take steps toward correcting it is very much a strength.

I sent a big care package myself a couple of weeks ago, courtesy of Any It's a great site. I'm starting to get active about looking into Navy family networking opportunities, the closer my own entry into that entity becomes. Did I ever mention that my boy is slated to go into the postal service with the Navy? At least I'll know he'll get the packages I send him!

Paul is a Hermit said...

Prince Harry for President? If only we could, even his PM, even John Howard. There is a trend here.

I don't know how we would stop mid-course in a war... Okay, there was Korea, we changed our minds but at least that problem was taken care of.
It is at the will of Americans how far we go. We are testing it now through our elections and the backbone of our branches of government. Which makes me seriously nervous.
Frankly, there is no political will to fight this war. Again.
What there was is vanishing and as it does, the rule book grows ever burdensome for the troops.
The liberals will have "won" another war.
I can't believe they do not know our enemies are laughing their ass off at our fragility, our dithering.

AC said...


Churchill was right. And no spin or rewrite of history can deny that. It is so similar, its crazy. It is making me crazy.

srp said...

What a mess! Even the Republicans seem to be getting into it now. I certainly think it possible that Hilary and Obama may shoot each other out of the water and leave the door open for others.

Paul is a Hermit said...

I think America has been ready to finally put a woman in the White House. Eager even. I'd like to see it. Hilary no, but about half of the country, yes because that's who they know.
Of course, I'd like a conservative but who?
I know the argument against me is - put the best person in, but dont forget, we've put Jimmy and Bill in - well, they did. So that kind of shoots that argument.
I'm no longer sure about Condi either. Who?