Friday, August 12, 2005

Deceptive Ads

The NARAL ad on tv has finally come down in flames. You know it was bad if the left started to eat its own. Judge John Roberts was being accused of condoning terrorist activity to abortion clinics from his legal arguments representing the government during the Bush I administration. It was, of course, a lie and the truth shines through. The poor nurse who was in the current ad was severly injured in a clinic blast. She states she had to come out against Judge Roberts because of her experience. Well, she was injured in 1997 and Judge Roberts wrote his legal opinion in 1991.

Anyway, Lanny Davis, a Clinton lawyer and Democratic party activist, came out against this ad and stated it was completely false and unjustified. Good for him.

I am a pro-choice woman who believes others have to make her own decisions. I am so tired of this issue being used as the single wedge issue for potential judges, candidates, etc. Give me a break. If you are so myopic that you are a single issue voter then heaven help you.

There, that feels better.

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