Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday Thoughts

Just going to throw out some thoughts today. I have been feeling the stress of being at the end of the week today. Hubby getting ready to head out tonight and keeping up with son's schedule and social life. Yikes.

My son is taking the last of his drivers ed course - the part where they do on the road driving. Bless his heart. He is stressed about his ability behind the wheel. We have just let him take it at his own pace, if he wants to drive and get practice, he can. He was so gun-ho to get the drivers permit last year when he turned 15 but after actually getting behind the wheel, well the novelity cooled.

I recommend you stop by the website to click on sponsoring free mammograms. It costs you nothing and for your click and a second of your time a woman in need will be given a free mammogram. Worthy cause.

Tropical Storm Katrina bearing down on Florida. Jeez. What a busy season this year. Hubby is going out into the Gulf tomorrow morning so he may not be there long if it comes further west. Offshore rigs are evacuated promptly in the face of hurricane warnings.

Son is back to acting class. In previous years he has taken classes at a local playhouse. The classes are led by a professional actress and he really likes her. We love wacky women! I am happy he has time this semester for the weekly class. I don't think he did anything there all last year. The class performs during the last class of the course and parents and friends come as the audience. This time she is doing a drama with them which is a good change of pace, usually she has them doing comedy.

OK, gotta get back to the closet I am cleaning out. A charity has a truck coming by in the morning for donations and as usual I have de-cluttering to do!


Laura said...

Wow, we seem to have a lot in common. My hub also loves fishing in the Gulf, but on the Florida side. :)
My oldest daughter also experienced a "cooling off" period after she took her driver's ed course. She found she just wasn't ready to drive and seemed to get very stressed out over the amount of traffic here. A year later, she was more than read and itching to get on the road!

She'll be 17 next month, is driving everywhere now. Speaking for myself, I think it's better they wait awhile, because no matter how good a driver they are, they'll have to deal with the crazy drivers out there! that takes a lot of maturity to handle.
great site here, Karen! I enjoyed reading through your posts. :)

Richard in NY said...

Hi Karen - I found you through E.M.'s blog (conservativeprincess). I have kids too (too young to drive, thank goodness), and my wife is also a SAHM.

I really enjoyed your "turning the big 5-0" post. I'm 47 and remember all of the same things, other than the yellow dog democrats.

I hope you don't mind if this damnyankee stops by from time to time.


Karen said...

Welcome, all! Come back often!

UziCue said...

I wonder if we're going to feel the effects of the hurricane here (central Alabama). Last time all we had was a mess of rain and a couple of trees fell in our yard. That was fun.
As for the driving thing, because of a medical issue, I didn't get my license until I was 18. I think it was good that I had to wait. Driving is something I don't think anyone ever is an "expert" at. There's always room to learn.
Trust me, I've had several accidents and it's always a "learning experience."
Have a great day!!