Saturday, August 27, 2005

Evacuating the Gulf

Poor hubby called to say the oil rig is evacuating due to the lovely Katrina bearing down on New Orleans. It will probably take him forever to drive back home tonight. He likes to stop by Black's Oyster House in Abbeville and down a couple dozen but don't know if that will be possible this time.

Son has gone off to the Downtown Aquarium with girlfriend, another girl and gf's family for the afternoon. A big draw there is a white tiger exhibit. I don't know why there is a white tiger exhibit at the Aquarium, there just is. It's quite the tourist trap with lots of stuff to do (and money to be extracted from your pocket) but it's a birthday treat for girlfriend.

I am off to find a pitcher of something cold and a good book.
Hold on, New Orleans.


Laura said...

man, i'm so glad he's off that rig!

Karen said...

We, too! Thanks for the kind words.