Sunday, August 21, 2005

Peace Out

A very quiet day here. The dog got a bath so that was some brief excitement. He does not appreciate being the source of entertainment, though. Hubby got home last night, an hour later than planned due to problem with plane. Broken windshield. Yeah, that's a problem. Now he is doing his report/recommendations/bs for the office tomorrow. Son is at girlfriend's house celebrating her birthday with her family. We stopped on the way over and bought a Carvel's ice cream cake as a surprise for them all to enjoy. He had already given her the other gifts - cd and a stuffed bear holding a stuffed intial of her name. Cute.

Until recently I was clueless about this Carvel ice cream chain. Apparently it is very popular in the northeastern US. Hence, my ignorance. They have delicious soft serve as well as regular stuff. This franchise supports my son's high school so it's all good.

I am about to start my next chick lit book, Little Earthquakes, by Jennifer Weiner. I finished a previous one of hers yesterday. Sometimes I just need the mind candy. Usually I am far too serious for my own good. Wonks rule.

It is still hot as blue hell here so I am enjoying a diet Snapple iced tea. A new flavor, plum-a-granate is yummy. Cheers.

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