Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saturday morning

Saturday morning and all is well. Hubby called last night to say that he'll be home today. Talked to him a little while ago and he'll arrive around dinner time and already called his taxi to reserve it from the airport. Good boy.

Son and I will be doing a little shopping later this afternoon for jeans and sneakers for school. Finally breaking down and admitting he could use a little makeover on the wardrobe. Girlfriends are great motivation, I must say. He is like his father and hates to clothes shop. I do most of it for him, but for jeans and trousers he has to try them on before buying. I am not into trips back and forth to exchange stuff.

Hubby has been in Canada this past week and was offered a job with the company he was tending to. This happens sometimes and is always interesting to think of change. But Canada? Being a southern gal, winters in Indiana for the time we were there were about all I could handle. I know Canada is beautiful and have been there once, but to Victoria not to Calgary where hubby is talking. Hmm. Son, of course, would crap. Like I said, interesting to think about but doubt it'll happen.

Time to wake that sleeping boy up and get on with the day.


Marybeth said...

I love your blog! I hope you don't mind if I link it on mine. Us Louisiana girls gotta stick together! Much love, Marybeth

JB said...

Canada is a beautiful place but you don't want to live there. Don't give up America, there has to be a perfect job here for your husband!!