Monday, September 12, 2005

Back To The Present

Ok, so I took a couple of days off to clear my little mind and chill. Sometimes it just has to happen. I feel better now, and of course, it is all about me.

Saturday son and I spent most of the afternoon at the Fine Arts Museum Houston so that he could do an art class assignment. He is in an AP course and it was quite an involved bit of work. I enjoyed going off on my own and looking at the art I am interested in as well as some prime people watching. The pre-Columbian exhibit is fab as well as a coordinating gold exhibit. After I had my fill of culture for the day, I went down to the lobby in search of a chair with a back on it, as opposed to the benches provided around the exhibits. People watching can be an eye opening experience. This day had been set aside for some kind of special deal for teachers in conjunction with two other museums nearby. Little shuttle buses dropping them off and picking them up. Some just came in to get their cards punched and didn't tour the museum. Apparently they received something with full cards. Is this how they educate the upcoming generation? Shortcuts when it's just not convienent to do the assignment? Hmm...

Anyway, as it was approaching dinner time for those of us who had skipped lunch, son and I picked up food on the way home. Essentially no cooking that day. Excellent.

Hubby was able to make it home by Sunday morning. Took son to national bookseller to pick up paperback for English class, bought Starbucks for the road, then dropped him off at girlfriend's house for afternoon swim and visit. Back two hours later to fetch son and get dinner going. Enjoyed a little white wine - one from New Zealand, which I really liked - and grilled steaks. So nice. Then Max, the dog, decided to wiggle out of the fence in the back yard and go for an adventure in the neighborhood. Not nice. Son and I finally lassoed him, in the dark by now, and brought his sorry butt inside. It's always something.

I watched the coverage on CNN about my son's high school and the evacuee students they have taken in. These kids are not of the Astrodome evacuees. These kids have come to Houston to stay with family and friends. I despise CNN and also Paula Zahn but I have to say they did a pretty good job on the story. One objection I did have was at the end of the piece they were interviewing some of the regular students and being politically correct, not one regular white kid or Asian kid was there. They had 4 students, Hispanic and Black. Fine, but the majority of the school's population is White, although a small majority. Houston is extremely diverse, which is a good thing, and I just found that irritating.

Filled up at the gas station. $1.89 yesterday. How is it at your pump?


Marybeth said...

Did I see that right? $1.89? Man...$2.69 is cheap gas here. I've got 3/4 of a tank...and need to fill up this evening. I'm keeping my tank full these days.

Karen said...

My bad. It is 2.89 here. Brain fog!