Friday, September 02, 2005

The Boy is 16!

At 11:52am, 16 years ago, my precious only child was born. After 22 hours of labor, even after being induced, he was born at Lafayette General Hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana. Cajun country. He is a proud native of Lafayette. I can't believe how quickly time is flying by with him. Soon he will be heading off to college and his own life.

The Astrodome was closed at 9:00pm last night as it was full. The hurricane victims were given cots, blankets, personal care products, hot showers and hot meals. And lots of water to drink. Security is very tight as we cannot allow it to become a Superdome situation. Everyone is carefully screened. Rules are established. Evacuees are welcome as long as they follow the rules. Play nice. Several were arrested and taken out of the Astrodome relatively quickly. Men in the women's restroom. Don't Mess With Texas. Don't slap our face after we open our arms. You won't be raping little girls in the restroom or gang banging here.

All the finger pointing and name calling going on from the politicians is so not needed now. It is so sleazy, even for them. Mistakes were made, yes, so learn and keep moving. Citizens have to realize that "the government" is a huge bureaucracy and not very flexible or fast on it's feet. Mistakes began in the initial evacuation stages and kept going. Too little, too late. Enough.

Hurricane Katrina did not result from global warming. Scientists have tracked cycles the storms are in throughout history. Deal with it. It also was not a result of the wrath of God. If God is pissed off with gays in New Orleans, then why is San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, LA, New York City, etc still standing and dry? The God I pray to is loving and kind. How could anyone worship anything less?

Hubby is out in the Gulf of Mexico doing his engineering voodoo so an oil drilling rig can come back on line and pump oil again. I feel for you if you are driving a big ass SUV but the days of cheap, for us, oil are gone. Until this country gets serious about our energy needs, we will be at the mercy of others. For now, price gougers must be prosecuted and punished.

New Orleans will be re-built. Denny Hastert, shut the hell up. I didn't hear anyone question if Manhatten would be re-built after 9/11. I never questioned it. Disasters from nature will always exist. Americans suck it up and get it done.

I am pushing away from the keyboard now...


srp said...

Thanks for visiting and happy 16th to THE BOY. I agree with much in your post. If God decided He had just had enough of the world, the whole US would be at the top of the list. I lived in MS for 15 years. It is not possible for a lot of the politician types to understand how large the area of destruction. We finally talked to someone up in Columbus, MS and they just got power back on Thursday. And Columbus is in northeast MS.

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday to your baby! God, times flies, doesn't it?

And for the rest, I'm a) in awe of your husband, not to mention grateful for his efforts, and b) nodding my head so hard at the 'just shut up and get it done' sentiment, I'm giving myself whiplash.

Amen. To all of it.

Open Book

Romani Heart said...

Happy 16th!! Drivers license time..look out lol.

My prayers to Hubby. My daughter's birthday was last weekend, she's away in Greensboro (about four hours) at college. We normally wait until Labor Day weekend and go get her, that's when we do the cake and ice cream thing. Due to the gas situation here, we just couldn't do it and risk getting stranded on the interstate without gas. So three cheers for Hubby :)