Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Weary Wednesday

So we have decided to not evacuate if the storm continues on its current path. It is projected to hit at Matagorda. Keeping a close eye on it and will listen to the local people at the press conference a little later this morning. I hate this feeling that will remain with us until it is all over, it is a mix of fear and being very antsy. Nervous energy. Picking up batteries, more water, and extra cash later. Filling up the gas tank in the car, just in case. Son was disappointed to hear he has school today! Districts south of us are out now until Monday, if all goes as planned. I told him by Friday he won't have to go!

Your good wishes are appreciated.


JB said...

Hurricane season sucks. I HATE IT. Keep us posted, good luck to ya!

Marybeth said...

Take care Penguin....take care.

Rightwingsparkle said...

Are you North? I am in The Woodlands. But my mom is freaking out on me to leave. so I guess we will head out early tomorrow morning.

Good luck!!

Laura said...

Oh boy, I just saw the update at 9 p.m tonight. Be Safe Karen. We'll be thinking about you!!!

Jennifer said...

It's like the apocolypse has descended these days in the news. Wears a body out, it does.

Good thoughts from a little further north being dispatched your way.

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