Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day

Today hubby is laboring on an oil drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, we are a part of the evil oil biz. You may hate us, but you need us anyway. The oil rigs in the Gulf are a mess and my hubby is doing his engineering thing on one of them this past week and next.

I love General Honore! Not that's a man! This man was appointed to lead the military operations for the New Orleans area and he is a take no prisoners kind of guy. Ray Naquin admitted yesterday that he thought President Bush did a good job sending a "John Wayne" type for the job. Honore is a Cajun and doesn't mince or sugar coat his words. Bless him.

The parade of celebrities had hit Houston. I say, the more the merrier. Spotlight the needs of the evacuees. Macy Gray was here Friday night to volunteer at the Astrodome. No photo op for her, she actually did some work distributing goods to the folks there. Sean Penn is in town to charter a plane to evacuate people. Both Clintons, Barack Obama, Jessie Jackson, and of course hometown couple George and Barbara Bush are visiting with people in the Astrodome and doing the photo ops - they are politicians, after all. Oprah is here as she should be - she is a native of Mississippi. Surely she can do some good for the people of Mississippi. I think they get a bit overlooked by the tragedy in New Orleans. Several coastal towns are completely gone in Mississippi now. I think my birth certificate from Biloxi must be floating in a metal filing case in the Gulf of Mexico now. So sad.

Tomorrow is another day.

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