Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wow, It's Wednesday Already!

Now that I am back to the usual routine, it feels weird to be mid-week. Another "heat advisory" day here. Joy. Cool front coming in tomorrow, not a moment too soon.

Amazing Race was excellent last night. I was leary about the whole family concept but it is good entertainment. I would like to slap each person in the Brooklyn family for their piss poor attitude with each other. The African American family that was eliminated was a good example of loving your kids and leading by example. They were kind to other families while remaining competitive. Very nice.

Going to continue the C-Span hearing today with Kathleen Blanco, Gov of Louisiana, testifying. I am so disappointed with her I could scream. I had hoped she would rise to the occasion but she never did and still doesn't get it. Corruption in LA is so rampant and inbred that I think they should all be scrubbed out and begin anew. She was never capable of performing the job as governor, in my opinion, and is in office thanks solely to the good ole boys network. Her husband is the former Dean of Students at USL in Lafayette and they are from there. I lived there for many years and know from where she comes. She is definately not to be trusted with the billions of dollars coming from the federal government. Did you see part of the requested money so far includes millions for sugar cane research and gator farms? Alrighty then.

Trying to decide what to wear for a dinner tonight - the invitation says "business casual" which tells me nothing and I never feel secure with that term. Being a stay at home mom for 15 years will do that to you. I'll blog about the dinner tomorrow, should be a special night. (And I mean that in the good way!).

I'm heading to my closet now where I shall remain until a decision is made.

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Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Hate business casual. It's different in every region too so I can't help you there.

At hubby's work it would be a dress polo with nice khakis.

But for women..... I always just go for a plain tailored skirt and a casual shirt, nothing tailored. Then again a big white oxford you can't go wrong with!

Stupid term, I hate it! Good Luck.

I missed the Gov. speach, she does seem deer in the headlights though.