Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ah, Tuesday

Thinking about the folks in the tornado struck areas. Out of nowhere and so suddenly these monsters come and destroy lives. So scary.

With better news, hubby e-mailed late last night and is safely in Santa Cruz and will be in meetings today, reporting on his work there to the company guys. So that's a relief. Now I just hope he gets out of La Paz without problems tomorrow.

Thank you all who have shown kindness to me with your support and thoughts. It is the greatest of comfort when I have these tense episodes. Usually hubby doesn't tell me what's going on until he gets home and has an exciting story to tell. It is nothing new in his line of work but it really never gets any easier to push bad thoughts out of the old brain.

Is it Friday yet?

Anyway, how about that Tom DeLay resignation. It was time. His numbers are down in his district for the re-election race. At least this way the district probably won't go to the other party. He is not my congressman; we don't live in his district but I know he brought a lot of projects to the state.

And Cynthia McKinney. What an embarrassment she is to her district. Unless maybe they think she's normal. I guess they do since she's been in office a while. They did vote her out but then turned around and put her back in office. The current incident in the news with her and the Capitol security police is her 5th dust up with them. Fifth.

Bill Cosby needs to have a chat with her and explain that the victim/race card no longer plays. It's time she put on the big girl panties and be an adult. Maybe even conduct herself like the person of responsibility she is to her district. She leads a life of priviledge and should be grateful for life's blessings. Let the security people do their jobs.

"The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart." - Elizabeth Foley


AC said...

I'm glad to hear your husband is safe. I worry about mine on his job everyday. And he doesn't have to get on an airplane to do it. You'll rest easier tonight.

La Paz was the name of one of my favorite restaurants once upon a time. So maybe that IS a good place.

I was kind of surprised about Tom Delay. But not surprised about Cynthia McKinney. That woman is bizarre. I don't know how anyone votes for her. Even among those with similar political & economic views there HAS to be someone with more class.

srp said...

I didn't see your first post until this morning, but glad to know your husband is OK. My brother heads for Brazil this Friday and it seems to me that any of these South American countries are very dicey these days. Actually, my mom worries about him being in Europe as well.

I would think with all the terrorists that are out to get anyone in the government, the representatives would be happy to have security in the Capitol that actually did a thorough job.