Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

Didn't get to the computer yesterday. That throws me off. Hubby came home after a couple of hours at the office to wait for the telephone repair person to come but we made the mistake of going out to lunch - Vietnamese - and of course that is when he came. So this morning someone came and hubby was back at office. Problem still not fixed.

Hubby ordered a new computer. This one we are using is about 6 years old, not counting all the updates of stuff he has put the main structure through, so I guess it's time. We have been having problems. He ordered it last night - another Alien Ware to replace this one- and then he called this morning to say he got his profit sharing check at a meeting today. That was excellent timing.

Anyway, looking forward to a long Easter weekend. No school tomorrow but hubby has to go to the office. We have Easter Brunch reservations. Son's Easter basket is ready. Yes, he still gets one. I like to put it together and of course he likes the treats and little stuff. What can I say, he's an only child!

Still no good news on the little 3 year old missing now for 6 days. His name is Kendrick. The prosecutors charged the father Tuesday so he wouldn't make bail on the misdeamnor of filing a false report that they brought him in on Sunday. Now he is charged with injury to a child. They say the father hit the child and left bruises on different parts of the child's body two days before reporting the child missing. Texas EquuSearch is searching for him again. They are concentrating along the San Jacinto River.

Did anyone see the coverage the press gave to President Bush yesterday meeting with the President of Guana? He was praising Bush for the Millenium Fund to fight AIDS in Africa and for the leadership his administration has provided for the people of Africa concerning this disease running rampant on the continent. I didn't think you did. The President of Guana also praised Laura Bush for her visit and work on their behalf.

William Brownfield, the U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela, is having difficulties with the people of Venezuela encouraged by the nutbag of a dictator they have, Hugo Chavez. Brownfield's car was pelted with rocks and eggs as he was leaving a soccer field after giving the children athletic equipment. Chavez is accusing Brownfield of provoking the incident and threatening to kick him out of the country.

Chavez, a protege of Fidel Castro, is feeling emboldened by recent events like the Massachusetts Democrats from the House of Rep William Delahunt and Ed Markey, who accepted lower priced oil over the winter for the residents of the state from Chavez. So did Senators Reed and Chaffee from Rhode Island. And New York Congressman Jose Serrano. This was a stick in the eye to President Bush and Chavez relished it. Nothing like propping up a Socialist dictator in a third world country for your own political benefit. Nice job.

"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." - Dorothy


aka_Meritt said...

You: "Did anyone see...."

ME: No, I didn't see that!

You: "No, I didn't think you did."

It's great how I talk to you through your blog with my mental powers and you talk back.

Jennifer said...

I still do the Easter basket thing, too. And mine are 23 and 17.

And until one or the other of them decides I'm worthy of grandparenthood, so it shall be.