Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday Thoughts

Not a good morning. It just isn't.

Did you see the illegal immigrants and their promoters marching in different cities yesterday? How could you not, right. I still am just blown away at the audascity of those here demanding citizenship when the very first step that was taken was to enter this country illegally. It's a huge slap in the face to those who worked within the system and met the requirements legally. What other country on earth would even entertain the thought of just looking the other way and justifying blanket amnesty?

It's a difficult issue. The situation is so far out of hand that no one solution will be acceptable to everyone. The amnesty granted by Ronald Reagan was a dismal failure and we are reaping the results today. Look at what happens in Mexico when those from Central American countries try to cross into Mexico without documentation. They are thrown in jail, no questions asked.

The Hispanic population, not just Mexicans, are so emboldened by the lack of teeth in the current immigration laws that they have taken to crossing over the border into Texas in places like Neuvo Larado and made it into a war zone with the drug kingpins overriding the local police. Shots fired in the street are not uncommon.

What seems to be missing in most of the arguments I hear is that yes, our country is a nation of immigrants. However, we demand legal immigration. Previous generations of immigrants entered through Ellis Island or other ports of entry. Immigration is good. Illegal immigration is bad. We have to know who is here, especially in the current dangerous times in which we live.

The politicans trolling for votes are the worst. Everyone from Teddy Kennedy to George W. Bush. All through the rallies here in Texas stood Democrats signing up people for voting. How are they being checked? "Today we march, Tomorrow we vote" was the slogan du jour. I see massive voter fraud issues in our future.

There are some savvy organizers for the rallies. They got the message loud and clear after the first marches and discouraged the waving of Mexican flags and replaced them with more American flags. Don't want to be so blatant with their disdain of assimilation. This wave of immigrants don't feel the need to assimilate. What is the incentive? Everything is published in Spanish, want ads ask for bi-lingual applicants. They feel no need to become "American".

It's a slap in the face to all Americans. We are not having a bright and shining moment.

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