Wednesday, April 19, 2006


It's after dinner already and finally get to check in. I'm using husband's IBM notebook as we will continue on with off and on computer usage on our system until the new one arrives. Blech. Husband is napping as he plans to leave around midnight to head out to south Louisiana. Going out in the Gulf for a bit. Max the dog is keeping me company on the couch and my fave tv show is on, "Amazing Race."

No blackouts since Monday afternoon here. Temp is getting a smidge better each day but the a/c is still running about non-stop. You haven't had fun with a power bill until you've paid one in Houston, I'll tell ya.

Son had no TAKS testing today. He'll have it tomorrow and Friday though. He got the worst one for him out of the way on Tuesday, math. Poor child got my math genes instead of his father's. Husband is an engineer so he is super whiz in math. Yeah, it's disgusting.

The Court of Appeals sided with Tom DeLay and upheld throwing out the conspiracy charge against him. Ronnie Earle just keeps on losing out on rulings. You'd think the charges were a political smear or something.

The Pulitzer prizes were announced and it is interesting to note that treasonist acts by insider leakers and journalists now are rewarded with literary awards instead of shame and punishment, at a time of war. Anything to sell a book these days.

I hear TomKat and Brooke Shields had their new baby girls the same day, same hospital, same floor. Sweet. I think Brooke should send over some anti-depressants for Katie to cope with that crazy ass Tom.

I'm looking forward to seeing "Flight 93" and it is getting good marks from the surviving families of the heroes on that flight. It'll be a good reminder of what this country is up against.

Big illegal immigrant raid this morning at two businesses. Seems that they took in some managers, too. Good. Unless the businesses are punished for exploiting workers, nothing will change.

If you are going to Los Angeles on May 1, make arrangements for transportation in advance. Big walkout scheduled of taxi drivers at the airports and other workers that day in support of the illegals.

Later, gators.

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Cowtown Pattie said...

I can only hope Tom Delay rots. Just my personal opinion, you know!

Hurricane season, already? Goodness. Would be nice to have already cleaned and fixed up since last year's catastrophes, but all we can hope for is a calm season...